How to donate?

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Thanks for your interest in supporting Neighbors for More Neighbors!

We are a group of volunteers who are passionate about these issues. And we welcome your financial support so we can fund more of this work! We accept cash and check donations through Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, our fiscal host. There are a few ways to donate:

ONLINE: Click the blue DONATE button at this link, then enter the amount you wish to donate. The next screen will ask you for comments, please enter “N4MN Donation.” Please note, there is a 7% transaction fee for donating online.

CHECKS: Write out to Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association with Neighbors for More Neighbors Donation in the Memo. You can mail it to them at 821 E 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

CASH/VENMO: Don’t use checks or like online payments? No problem. Several N4MN volunteers can accept your cash (exact change please!) or Venmo/Paypal payments. Please send an email to to arrange.

Lawn Signs: Find out about lawn signs here.





Neighbors for More Neighbors is an advocacy group working for abundant homes in Minneapolis. Talk to your friends about zoning!

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Neighbors for More Neighbors

Neighbors for More Neighbors

Supporting more housing through art, action, and stuff. Talk to your friends about zoning!