Neighbors for More Neighbors dot org

Over the past few years of watching Minneapolis city politics, housing issues, and land use and development battles unfold, I began participating in some neighborhood-level political humor to take my mind off the stress of it all. Together with @WedgeLIVE, we produced a few photoshopped gems talking about various subjects, from Minneapolis mayoral elections in 2013 to the teardown of two houses and construction of apartments at 2320 Colfax Ave S. The latter event garnered media attention as a preservationist HGTV star (who will remain nameless for good reason) went to war against Minneapolis mayor, Betsy Hodges.

Since then, I’ve produced a few more illustrations under the guise of Neighbors for More Neighbors. Some credit is also due to WedgeLIVE neighborhood news magnate, John Edwards, for hunting down ads to remix.

The world needs PSAs to warn against the dangers of incomprehensible NIMBYism, and anyone with some graphic design skills should chip in. If you’d like to publish your YIMBY art here, get in touch!

Remixed from a sexual health awareness campaign
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