Neighbors For More Neighbors Needs You!

Calling All Volunteers!

After our super successful kick-off party (thanks to all who came!) Neighbors for More Neighbors is picking up momentum, and we need your help. We have big ideas of what we can do, and now it is time to start making things happen.

Our short-term focus:

  • Support a strong Comprehensive Plan for Minneapolis (this will guide zoning and planning for years to come)
  • Continue our support for key projects across the city
  • Begin to build partnerships & structure to help us be successful moving forward

If you feeling strongly about housing in Minneapolis, and you support our policy goals, here’s how you can help over the next three months:

If you have no time:

If you have under 5 hours, fill out this form with your contact info and interest areas. We have a quick summary here of the types of things we’ll be asking:

  • Help review the 2018 Minneapolis Comprehensive plan — Spend a little time reviewing, then meet up with other N4MN’ers to provide your input on what works or could be better.
  • Write a blog post or a one-pager — Help us grow awareness and get the word out. We have lots of possible topics & ideas, but need writers and creative thinkers!
  • Help with policy research — We have a list of policies in other states. Using email and shared documents, review examples of good (and bad) policies that could be used as models.
  • Help with organizational research — We have a list of out-of-state YIMBY organizations. Help reach out to them and share via email and shared documents on how they are structured, where they get funding, and any tips they have.

If you have 5 hours or more, you can also fill out the form. Here’s a sample of things we’re looking for:

  • Help develop an action plan to support fourplexes across Minneapolis: Meet up with N4MN’ers to determine next steps, and begin to put them in motion. Sign up here

Sign up for a volunteer committee (5 hours or more, as well). Join other N4MN’ers to help organize and plan activities in a key area.

  • Communications — Blog posts, emails, social media, letters to the editor, etc.
  • In-Person Connections — House parties, doorknocking, walks with Council Members, or other events
  • Partners & Allies — Identify partners, take action to build alliances
  • Organizational — Goals, funding, structure, priorities, etc.

Tell a friend about Neighbors for More Neighbors — You can share our Facebook page, Twitter account, or send them a link to our policy goals. Help us spread the word!

Yes, only YOU can prevent sprawl. Sign up!

Neighbors for More Neighbors

Neighbors for More Neighbors is an advocacy group working for abundant homes in Minneapolis. Talk to your friends about zoning!

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