2019 Saint Paul City Council candidate questionnaire

On November 5th, the people of Saint Paul will head to the polls to vote for a new City Council. The results of the election will have major consequences for the city. Saint Paul faces many challenges — housing affordability, tight budgets, crumbling roads, and public safety, to name a few. And yet Saint Paul is a city with great assets and tremendous potential, and it is rapidly growing: the Metropolitan Council estimates that the population of Saint Paul will grow by more than 30,000 people by 2040. For too long, too many of Saint Paul’s elected leaders have seen growth and change as a threat and a source of trouble (i.e. traffic, parking, strain on municipal services and infrastructures). We deserve a Council that sees this moment of growth and change not as a threat, but as the opportunity that it is: an opportunity to grow the tax base, to mitigate un-affordability, to cultivate neighborhoods where people can safely and comfortably get around without cars. We deserve a Council that will upzone our residential neighborhoods, eliminate minimum parking requirements, enact protections for renters, and invest in infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Neighbors for More Neighbors is a 501c3 organization, and does not endorse political candidates. But we hope that this questionnaire and the candidates’ responses will help you to determine the candidates’ positions on issues that are vital to the future of Saint Paul.

Ward 1
-Anika Bowie (Did not respond)
-Liz De La Torre
-Abu Nayeem
-Councilmember Dai Thao (Did not respond)

Ward 2
-Sharon Anderson
-Bill Hosko
-Lindsay Ferris Martin
-Helen Meyers (Did not respond)
-Councilmember Rebecca Noecker

Ward 3
-Patricia Hartmann (Did not respond)
-Councilmember Chris Tolbert

Ward 4
-Chris Holbrook
-Councilmember Mitra Jalali Nelson
-Tarrence Robertson-Bayless (Did not respond)

Ward 5
-Councilmember Amy Brendmoen
-Bob Blake (Did not respond)
-Jamie Hendricks
-Suyapa Miranda

Ward 6
-Alexander Bourne (Did not respond)
-Councilmember Kassim Busuri
-Greg Copeland (Did not respond)
-Danielle Swift (Did not respond)
-Terri Thao
-Nelsie Yang (Did not respond)

Ward 7
-Kartumu King (Did not respond)
-Councilmember Jane Prince
-Mary Anne Quiroz (Did not respond)
-David Thom (Did not respond)

Saint Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse

Photo credit: McGhiever

Neighbors for More Neighbors

Neighbors for More Neighbors is an advocacy group working…

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