Zoning and Planning Appealapalooza

Tickets are $0, or whatever your free time costs you

Minneapolis’ hottest festival is Appealapalooza, coming up at the Zoning and Planning Committee on February 15th, featuring two appealing acts: the appeal against Sons of Norway, and the appeal for Rex 26. Want to help? Follow the links below for details!

Scroll to bottom for project updates.

Supporting these projects only requires sending two emails with a couple sentences in support (use our handy talking points to help), or you can show up to the Z&P Committee meeting on February 15th at 10AM. Both projects have similar points in favor: they’re in walkable neighborhoods, on transit, and near to jobs, transit, bikeways, schools, restaurants, parks and grocery stores. Precisely where people need to live. Your support may go a long way!

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2/15: Appealapalooza was a success!

We had about 6 people show up to speak in favor, and tons of emails were sent in in support over the two projects at various phases. Your support helped!

  • 🎉 The appeal of Sons of Norway was denied, and the rezoning request was approved. This project will proceed as planned.
  • The appeal for Rex 26 was denied, however the project will continue at the previously planned scale, including the grocery store. The developer also proposed self-funding 3 affordable housing units at 60% AMI, but with an unsuccessful appeal it’s unsure if they will be able to do this anymore. Womp womp.

Neighbors for More Neighbors

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Supporting more housing through art, action, and stuff. Talk to your friends about zoning!

Neighbors for More Neighbors

Neighbors for More Neighbors is an advocacy group working for abundant homes in Minneapolis. Talk to your friends about zoning!

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