What is the meaning of being rich?

In the first blog post I talked about what some rich people do but today I will talk about the meaning of being rich.

What is the meaning? Nothing but just a large amount of money. the meaning of rich is just having wealth. There is no other meaning. But, there is a meaning about true wealth.

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As per this Quora post:

True wealth is having a sense of abundance — one that we experience rather than possess. … Seeking true wealth may mean seeking deeper relationships, more personal growth, or ways to create more meaning in life. Achieving true wealth means possessing the ability to enjoy the small, ordinary pleasures of life

True wealth is really better than rich because rich makes us ask for more which makes us unhappy. But true wealth makes not to ask for more and be happy with what we have.

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He is Warren Buffet. He is the second richest man in the world. Many of you must be knowing him. Some people say that they wish they were him. But some of you don’t that Warren Buffet is living in a house which is only a 3 BHK house where he has given 99.9% of his wealth to charity. Still he is happy and is not sitting crying that why did he do this.

Life will be more better if you be happy with what you have…….