What is the meaning of rich?

Where do you see yourself in fifteen years? This question is asked in school and the answer is always that they want to be a millionaire, which means having a lot of money. This is everyone’s first dream and that is because of jealousy. These days, 1st grade children are telling that they will be very rich before they have even completed schooling. Most children see rich children, who have everything and then they start asking for more. And to tell you the truth, I was also asking for more because of the people who keep on talking about brands. But I am trying my best to stop doing that.

My father also explains that if we buy a shoe which is branded and use it but after a year it will get small or torn then you will throw it and a new brand will come which is more costly and I will buy it and this process will go on. So it is a total waste of time and money to keep thinking about brands. And believe me it made a lot of sense. Many people hate hearing people talk about brands and including me cause it is a real waste of time. People don’t have any thing to talk other than brands.

This makes them get friends but in real they are not friends they just go behind them because they think he is very cool and has a lot of money. If you are a rich guy then this sentence is for you. If you are rich or not, what is the need of telling that you got this or that which we don’t have? I don’t really mean that you should not be rich but you should stop talking about being rich.

In the next post, I will talk about what is the real meaning of rich?

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