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Weeknotes — Week Ending 25/02/22

Stand Up

A picture of my old Ikea desktop with newly added legs that let me stand instead of just sitting.

Another week done! I‘d say this week has been one third recruitment, one third team focused and one third project focus. It’s also been half-term, and I’ve luckily been mostly released from parental responsibilities as my kids have been out and about with grandparents (hooray for grandparents!).

Good things

  • The week has flown by!
  • It’s been nice to see something other than wind and driving rain.
  • I got some motorised legs for my office desk so that I can switch between sitting and standing. First day using them as I type this. So far so good!
  • Had some good chats with potential candidates for a post we’ve got vacant.
  • Small but really pleasing progress on developing our low code capability.
  • I went into the office for a day. It was a nice change. Got me thinking about other modes of work outside the binary of office or home in which most of the debate is framed.

Difficult things

  • The week has flown by!
  • When you put sales people in account manager positions, every problem looks like a sales opportunity. It is not.
  • I’ve been trying to fill some gaps on a thing that doesn’t play to my strengths. It’s been a frustrating experience, which seems predictable in retrospect!
  • The problems are at the boundaries. (I should just include this in every weeknote by default)

Learned things

Interesting things




Weeknotes are short notes about the week.

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Neil Tamplin

Neil Tamplin

I do digital/IT delivery for @ValleysToCoast. Interested in the spot where technology & people meet. Often learning. Always curious.

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