Choice & Origins Project Update

Choice Team at Creative HQ

I recently travelled back to my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand to meet with our ecosystem partners and catch up on the NEM projects there and see what they have been up to.

Choice and Origins are two startups based in Wellington that successfully received funding from the NEM Community Fund earlier this year.

Choice is empowering people to make a difference every time they pay. They aim to reduce transaction fees for merchants, and enable consumers to allocate a percentage of their transaction fee to a charity of their choice. They are currently working hard behind the scenes with banks and merchants to integrate Choice into their payment systems.

Origins are focusing on fashion tracing raw materials from cotton farm to factory floor. They’re building a network of ethically motivated fashion brands to provide them with the tools needed to prove any claims made about ethical production, fair wages or origins of materials.

Origins have completed and received funding on their first milestone a couple weeks ago and are now on track with milestone 2 and will be releasing their prototype early next year.

Origins Roadmap

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