Kieran Nolan
Jan 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Crypto Crisis is a simulation game which drops you into the beginnings of Bitcoin. Compete for and increase your share of block rewards by building and upgrading your mining rigs while carefully managing your resources.”

Students at Wooranna Park Primary School have been asked to create a narrative for the upcoming education edition of Crypto Crisis!

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Bitcoin VR

In the past, the students at Wooranna Park Primary School have used the NEM blockchain to vote on the allocation of 21BTC to build a STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) Centre. This space has enabled students to learn about all aspects of cryptocurrencies; from building full nodes, to multisig transactions, to exploring the blockchain in VR, to hardware wallets - and storing public/private keys.

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Full Node

Up until now, the students have only been able to learn about mining in theory, not in practice. Crypto Crisis — Education Edition is going to change that by giving students the ability to learn about the technology first hand in a fun environment, and a narrative that they have created!

The original concept for the education edition was to re-create a situation where the school was in crisis and needed to raise funds to “save the school” by time travelling back to the Genesis Block to mine BTC — however, students at Wooranna’s CoderDojo decided that was “too negative” and wanted a positive approach to the game, instead Crypto-Crisis will focus on building the “ultimate school of the future” and the students will time travel back to the Genesis Block to fund their dream school!


Through Crypto Crisis — Education Edition we hope that the students

  • Learn about Bitcoin’s history with a closely simulated Bitcoin
    network which utilises historical data
  • Learn about the mechanics of the Bitcoin network and how the hash
    rate affects the probability of earning block rewards
  • Learn about the costs of mining Bitcoin by managing the energy
    consumption and heat output of mining rigs
  • Learn about how your surroundings and environment can affect
    Bitcoin mining. Is there adequate cooling and energy?
  • Learn about how technology constantly evolves and makes tasks such
    as Bitcoin mining faster and more efficient. Students will be able
    to upgrade existing mining rigs with periodic releases of new
    chassis, CPUs, GPUs and ASICs
  • Learn about upgrading utility equipment to help you manage energy
    consumption and heat output
  • Learn to keep an eye on key performance indicators through the
    mining and network statistics screens which in turn track your
    progress and tell you how well you are performing versus your
  • Financial literacy; breakdown statistics help you determine where
    all of your resources are being spent

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