New Zealand Crypto Currency Exchange Easy Crypto becomes the newest Ecosystem Member

NEM x Easy Crypto

Auckland-based Easy Crypto will provide a secure and compliant platform for New Zealand residents to easily buy the NEM blockchain cyrptocurrency — XEM

Easy Crypto is one of the easiest and fastest way for kiwis to buy crypto. They provide a safe, fast and beginner-friendly service — including creating secure wallets all new users.

Founded by Alan and Janine Grainger a brother and sister entrepreneurial combo, Easy Crypto is perfect for beginners, and they also have a wide range of coins for advanced buyers. You can place an order and have crypto sent straight to your email or wallet in less than 3 minutes 24/7.

“We operate 24/7 across all services, from customer service questions to verification. These systems are smartly automated, allowing Easy Crypto to provide the fastest and cheapest route to crypto for our customers”

— Janine Grainger — Co-founder of Easy Crypto

Be sure to follow Easy Crypto on Facebook or Twitter.

Alan and Janine Grainger — Founders of Easy Crypto

With this announcement, NEM and Easy Crypto will also partner on events, education and promotions, with an official Auckland event announced soon. Easy Crypto is one of the fastest growing exchanges in New Zealand, with plans for Easy Crypto to launch in Australia soon.

“Passionate kiwi entrepreneurs like Janine and Alan at Easy Crypto help us exponentially scale the adoption of blockchain and crypto currency in New Zealand. This partnership will signify a big win for both parties and New Zealand because of the shared commitment to help ordinary kiwis and enterprises understand and trade crypto currency”.

- Dalaney Davis Foundation New Zealand Leader

Kia Kaha
NEM New Zealand Team

For more information about the NEM Foundation and its mission, you can follow us on Twitter, our Facebook page, NEM NZ Telegram or visit our website.

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Dalaney from NEM New Zealand

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A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

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