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Electra Frost Accounting was established in 2008, and has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Agnes Water QLD. They specialise in the arts, media and technology industries, with expertise in Australian and international tax. They have a keen interest in digital business transformation and the convergence of technology and creativity. Having dealt with clients working in blockchain technology and transacting with cryptocurrencies for several years, as well as being investors themselves, they’ve gained practical insights into the tax and accounting needs of businesses and contractors working in the blockchain space.

A lack of clarity by regulators means that it is important to have an accountant who understands the complexities of the industry and can help your business track its growth from the beginning. Electra Frost Accounting offers a broad scope of service to assist with the accounting, compliance, tax strategies and business planning for any operator within the blockchain space, from contractors through to reporting entities, and at any stage of your business from start-up through to planning exit strategies.

The practice has been built on a strong reputation for their highly personalised and sophisticated approaches to tax and advisory services. Their clients include professional individuals and businesses situated all over Australia and overseas. They regularly consult on video and in person, and work efficiently online with client-friendly digital platforms. Their team of qualified accountants is directly employed and trained to work to the highest standards by Alex Electra Frost herself, a Chartered Tax Adviser and Public Accountant with almost 20 years’ experience.

Electra Frost Accounting’s mission is to provide specialist advice and practical solutions to enable dreamers, visionaries and revolutionaries to materially succeed.

They can help with:

  • Business structuring and registrations
  • Tax planning and international considerations
  • Hedging to protect against unexpected tax issues
  • ATO and ASIC compliance, including financial accounts and tax preparation
  • Private rulings and class rulings for specific issues
  • Austrac reporting obligations
  • Independent financial advice and superannuation matters

Virtual CFO, accounting and strategy packages can be tailored to those using cryptocurrency and blockchain in their businesses.

The Electra Frost Accounting team are also used to dealing directly with the ATO Early Intervention Team and ATO Cryptocurrency Review Group around complex issues. Having a good understanding of blockchain technology and the systems and processes within the space helps to identify the best approach and to articulate persuasive tax law arguments on your behalf. They’ll also be lobbying for better tax policy around cryptocurrency.

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For more info or to contact Electra Frost Accounting you can find them at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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