Loyalty Rewards with WatermelonBlock and NEM

WatermelonBlock recognises the importance of a community. Being in the business of voices and opinions’, WatermelonBlock wants to ensure that those with the largest voice are rewarded for efforts in promoting the ecosystem. As such, WatermelonBlock will utilise the NEM Loyalty reward points protocol to power this initiative.

The NEM loyalty rewards points protocol will utilise the Mosaic tokens which are built upon the NEM blockchain and made to bring utility to new blockchain projects, platforms or software. They are designed for projects that require a NEM blockchain and tokens that have a real life application to a project and in this case, the loyalty reward platform for WatermelonBlock.

NEM is the industry leader regarding community orientated blockchain products. Taking a page from their book, WatermelonBlock will build off this type of community engagement in order to build a community coin through the WMB token. Users who invite friends to the WatermelonBlock platform will be rewarded in WMB’s for their contributions.

NEM brings security and speed to these systems, reducing fraud and mistakes, but it also allows the issuer to follow the trail of every reward point generated and perform analytics on which customers are most responsive to incentives.

WMB tokens may be used in exchange for premium services offered within the ecosystem.

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