Media & Capital Partners | Ecosystem Member

M+C Partners are a team of creative, curious and passionate story-tellers who can achieve strong results in both mainstream and vertical trade media, as well as drive clicks and engagement across social and digital channels. They build their clients’ brand image to be respected by journalists, investors, consumers and enthusiasts alike.

They are leaders in strategic and effective communication across the media and investor landscapes and are not your typical public relations and investor relations agency, they think differently and don’t rely on what’s worked in the past. They keep an eye on the future to help cutting edge blockchain businesses succeed. They act globally and can leverage their network of strategic partners around the world to build credibility and trust.

Their services include:

  • Messaging
  • Media strategy and development
  • Brand building
  • Media training
  • Content development
  • Media relations
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Social and digital support
  • Investor relations (capital raising)

M+C Partners are NEM’s public relations agency in Australia and New Zealand. They help share the team’s activities and stories (e.g. use cases, community fund developments) within the region to the media — from newspapers and online websites to TV programs and podcasts to help build NEM’s credibility and presence in the market.

“NEM is one of our first clients in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We have seen its journey from a one-man band to a strong and passionate team of 20 plus. It only feels natural for us to officially join the ecosystem. As story-tellers, we’re excited to play an active role in educating the media about what blockchain is and how it is going to reshape our future.
“Through the NEM ecosystem, we’re also looking forward to helping blockchain companies grow by realising the power of brand building and story-telling across a range of media platforms.”- Krissie Vitasa, Account Director, Media & Capital Partners.
“As the number of organisations in our ecosystem grows, it is imperative to have their stories championed by passionate people, such as those working at Media and Capital Partners.”- Jian Chan, NEM Australia & NZ Lead

For more info or to contact M+C Partners you can find them at:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

For more information about the NEM Foundation and its mission, you can follow us on Twitter, at Inside NEM, our Facebook page, NEM Australia Telegram or visit our website.