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Julian Brown
Nov 7, 2018 · 2 min read

As part of the NetHui tour of New Zealand, the West Coast hosted a community event on October 11th inside the Greymouth Polytech. It was a day of technology for everyone, from basics on cyber security to IoT and Blockchain!

We were invited to talk about the technology, the future that we see for it and to host a panel of Q & A to address more specific subjects. For the full panel discussion, click here for the video of the session.

Hosted and moderated by: Natasha Barnes-Dellaca / Co-founder of EPIC Westport

Guest speakers were:
Ray Long — Head of games at Loot Winner (creator of MatchNEM)
“Impact of blockchain to the gaming industry”
Ryan Jenkins — Lead developer at EPIC Wesport
“Adoption and ease of use for other developers in the world”
Julian Brown — NZ rep for NEM and Product Owner at EPIC Westport
“Fundamentals and the security of the blockchain”

Ryan Jenkins & Julian Brown

Needless to say, the team was really happy to attend and carry the blockchain torch to regional New Zealand where the use cases for the technology are everywhere.

What is NetHui?

NetHui is a collection of New Zealand’s most diverse and interactive Internet community events. InternetNZ has helped bring the NetHui experience to New Zealanders interested in the future of the Internet since 2011 — they have been held in cities, towns and at your house via live streaming.

A NetHui brings people together to learn, share, create, expand networks, discuss the future of the Internet and the challenges and opportunities the Internet brings to us all — personally and professionally.

Kia Kaha
NEM New Zealand Team

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