NEM New Zealand University Takeover | Waikato

On the 28th August 2018, Shaun Belcher, a NEM New Zealand Leader and Rep, was invited along to give a guest lecture about the NEM Blockchain at Wintec. He was also joined by another special guest, Prashant Khanna, from the Waikato Institute of Technology.

The NEM lecture about to get under way.

Shaun spoke about blockchain and NEM to 80 students from 3 different classes along with their tutors, (something that doesn't happen very often I’m told). After presenting, Shaun answered questions from the Q&A and all participating students were offered the Devslopes course for free and sent some XEM tokens to those who downloaded the wallet.

Shaun Belcher — Presenting NEM

I was very grateful for being invited to speak at Wintec in Hamilton and introduce a group of students to Blockchain, in particular NEM and its benefits to business and enterprise. Many had not heard of blockchain, so was a good opportunity to showcase NEM. Those that were developers were quick to take up the offer of the devslopes course. One tutor asked me what skills were necessary to be a developer and was impressed when I told him that general programming skills were all that were required to develop on NEM, using the language of your choice due to our powerful API. We also have great interest from one of the tutors for starting a NEM hub and this is something we will be pursuing to work through with to make this a possibility, and also potentially some developer training sessions in future. — Shaun Belcher NEM New Zealand Leader.

Shaun gave an insightful and lovely lecture. It has been well received and I am assuming that we shall have more than my expectation of students who might join in and be a part of the NEM learning program and community.Prashant Khanna from Waikato Institute of Technology.

This is just the beginning of the NEM University take over! Victoria University of Wellington is up next, with an in-depth Bootcamp, focused on Blockchain business opportunities with Dalaney Davis, our NEM New Zealand Lead.

NEM New Zealand and Victoria University Event

Kia Kaha
NEM New Zealand Team

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A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

Dalaney from NEM New Zealand

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NEM Australia & New Zealand

A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

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