NEM Talk and Trade | Columbia

Oct 17, 2018 · 3 min read

NEM Australia Leaders Thanh Le and Nelson Valero travelled to Medellin, Colombia for a unique one off event to assist starts ups and potential projects that want to build on the NEM platform held at Medellin Blockchain Center.

Medellin Blockchain Center provide a space to bring together the community and blockchain enthusiasts in Colombia, with the aim of proposing and developing a discussion with topics of interest and news about technology.

The theme of the meetup that was held on Wednesday 10th October was NEM, its technology, protocol and benefits of the network.

NEM Latam Leader, Pedro Gutierrez gave the audience an extensive and detailed presentation about the NEM Smart Asset Platform, where he showcased a live demonstration of certificate and document authentication using one of NEM’s powerful tools called Apostille.

The interest in blockchain here in Medellin is high with blockchain and technology enthusiasts still turning up in huge numbers on a heavily rained out work night to learn more about blockchain and the beginnings of how the NEM Foundation was formed and how NEM’s unique features compares with other platform that are in the market today.

Pedro gave an insightful explanation to the engaged audience that NEM Foundation’s goals were not about investing in digital currencies, but about getting projects to adopt blockchain technology to help increase innovation, business efficiencies, cut down cost and help countries around the world like Colombia improve in business automation, security and restoring trust back to the public and people of Colombia.

Few members from the event were fascinated about NEM’s unique consensus POI Algorithm, that they were surprised how POI could allow anyone to participate in the NEM network without the high use of energy and electricity like POW and also without holding large bags of coins like POS.

The event followed with a Q&A session with both Pedro and Rafael busy answering queries and providing more details about NEM to those who are new to the blockchain market.

NEM Latam Team

  • Rafael Torres — NEM Colombia Ambassador
  • Pedro Gutierrez — NEM Latam Leader
  • Susana Arrieta — NEM Financial Head of Latam

~ Thanh Le, NEM Australia Lead

For more information about the NEM Foundation and its mission, you can follow us on Twitter, at Inside NEM, our Facebook page, NEM Australia Telegram or visit our website.

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NEM Australia & New Zealand

A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

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