Partnership announcement | Foundation New Zealand has partnered with BitPrime

Christchurch-based BitPrime will be working with Foundation Australia and New Zealand to provide a secure and compliant platform for New Zealand resident to buy and sell with ease, the NEM blockchain cyrptocurrency — XEM.

Trusted by over 9,000 Kiwis, Bitprime is a New Zealand owned and operated cryptocurrency trading retailer with over 50 Cryptocurrencies in their ecosystem.

With this partnership announced, Foundation and BitPrime will be hosting a launch event in June 2018 to officiate the partnership through a XEM airdrop and additional special announcement too! Foundation expansion Director for Australia and New Zealand, Jason Lee said, “Firms like BitPrime are a key part to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. This partnership will signify a big win for both parties because of the shared commitment to help ordinary members of the public and enterprises to understand and trade cryptocurrency”.

Ross and his amazing Team at BitPrime — Christchurch New Zealand

From the other side of the coin, CEO of BitPrime — Ross Carter-Brown said, “BitPrime’s systems are designed to process orders quickly, while our team of experts are available to give individualised service to larger orders and cater to specific customer needs, the partnership with Foundation will help a spectrum of our clients, from the beginners who want to start purchasing their first cryptocurrency to technology firms who want to ,”

From NEM landing in New Zealand; NEM NZ events; exponential growth from Choice; the partnership with BitPrime; many more projects in pipeline announced soon. All signify a big step forward for New Zealand’s blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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NEM Australia & New Zealand

A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

Dalaney from NEM New Zealand

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Discover why NEM is fast becoming the world's top blockchain technology and the NEM blockchain activities enhancing Aotearoa - New Zealand.

NEM Australia & New Zealand

A community space featuring activities and events by the Australian & New Zealand NEM team.

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