RocketShoes | Ecosystem Member

RocketShoes is a NEM blockchain-powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work. Their mission is to launch an educational revolution using decentralised technologies.

RocketShoes is a digital asset platform for education designed for a learner-centric approach and providing powerful tools to manage content in a decentralised way. Learners are able to produce and track their own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets. Organisations can manage large amounts of content in a way that was not previously possible, using a decentralised storage layer with deep integration with the Blockchain, and affording radically new functionality.

RocketShoes received a Foundation Community Fund grant of $US850K (3.3M XEM) in May 2018. The team is working very closely with the ANZ team, the NEM Ecosystem partners, and the NEM Community to build the RocketShoes platform.

Digital assets uploaded into RocketShoes are registered on the NEM blockchain, providing an immutable record for the purposes of assessment, establishing digital sovereignty, and other transactions in educational contexts.

For more info or to contact RocketShoes you can find them at:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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