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At our monthly NEM 101, we were happy to have Matthew Riddle and Kieran Nolan, core members of RocketShoes; a startup building on the NEM platform, give a special presentation on what RocketShoes is and what they’re trying to achieve with blockchain. You can watch the presentation below.

“RocketShoes is an educational platform geared for a learner centric approach, and providing powerful tools to manage content in a decentralised way. For learners this means that you will be able to produce and keep track of your own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets. For organisations and institutions it means that very large amounts of content can be managed in a way that is not possible with today’s systems, allowing for radically new functionality, for example deep integration with a Blockchain.”
Matthew Riddle and Kieran Nolan presenting
addressing the issue
Scalability with ProximaX
ProximaX functionalities
RocketShoes Layers
RocketShoes milestones

If you’re interested and want to know more, you can read their whitepaper, follow them on their Twitter and Telegram and of course their website.

~Regards | Penn

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