Geens NPO, in partnership with NEM foundation, aims to empower people to securely access services of the growing digital economy.

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3 min readOct 30, 2018

NEM Foundation is happy to announce a great partnership with Geens NPO — a Belgian non-profit organization. GEENS is a trust and privacy-oriented platform which fits very closely with NEM’s philosophy and approach. With a unique approach to personal data handling and blockchain advantages, Geens will be building a great project on NEM. The combination of two will empower people to securely access services of the growing digital economy.

Geens NPO has been operating since 2014. Our members have given us the possibility to continue building state-of-the-art solutions while protecting their privacy. GEENS — an ecosystem for digital services — helps you to decide what to connect to the IoT, what wearables should report to who, and what for example: a taxi service has to know about where you are.

In collaboration, both parties are working on a new open-source library and set of Web APIs for authentication via a self-sovereign identity based on emerging W3C standards (DID and Verifiable Claims). Both parties are contributing to keeping your data safe and legitimate, always accessible, and monitored for authentic usage only. It’s a win-win-win case for users, businesses and service providers to take a step into the future. And let’s not forget the NEM and Geens developer communities that can kickstart their digital identity-related projects using these Web APIs.

Jaak Geens, founder and president of Geens NPO stated:

Blockchain does not fulfill everyone‘s dreams all in one go: the technology is excellent for transactions, proof, ID, for payments — so, it builds trust. The GEENS ecosystem bridges between efficiency and privacy and hence, delivers a user owned and trusted place. The supervision by an Ethical Committee in a non-gov, non-corp and non-profit entity, empowers individuals on the internet. And with NEM as a trusted partner, these bridges will become seamless.

NEM Foundation interim President Kristof Van de Reck, NF council member Niko Maenpaa, Founder and president of Geens NPO Jaak Geens & Jef Vanbockryck

NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. Its permissioned, private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for international ledgers. Additionally, its revolutionary consensus mechanism ensures NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without compromising throughput or stability.

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