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Whatever companies say, the main goal of any business is to make a profit. However, in 2020, the business is so diverse that the concept of “profit” directly relates to cost optimization. Saved on shipping goods = made a profit, optimized communication with customers = made a profit and there are many such examples. Therefore, companies often employ a specialist who is engaged in optimizing all processes, to save money, and therefore to earn money.

Blockchain, as a technology, is already being studied and implemented at various levels of life. For convenience, for optimization, for the economy. But how can businesses understand that they need a blockchain? How can businesses see the benefits of blockchain? How can businesses apply blockchain to their unique processes and products? Previously, only large companies with budgets for development and specialists could afford this. However, soon businesses will have a real BRIDGE that will allow any enterprise to evaluate the convenience, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the blockchain. The name of this bridge is Symbol.

Symbol is an open-source blockchain platform from NEM. Symbol has a hybrid blockchain solution is composed of two chains integrated with each other. What does this mean?

Every business has a huge amount of different information: databases, product information, customer data, financial reports, and many more. Some informations may be confidential, but other information should be publicly available. The hybrid solution allows companies to keep confidential information private while being compatible with public chains and features at the same time. To use the public one to interact with other projects, exchanges, etc. Thanks to hybrid solutions, companies can use all the logic of their business processes to optimize costs. This is really effective because custom processes will have an optimal expenditure.

At the moment, there is already a test version of the platform. The embedded plugins provide support for most broadly useful enterprise functions. The cool thing is that you don’t need to be a programmer to configure and work with Symbol. Just download and install the program on your computer.

If make a comparison, Symbol reminds me of WordPress, which gave everyone the opportunity to create their own website. Symbol aims to enable every business to implement the blockchain and become more profitable.

The user interface looks very attractive. Take a look at the screenshot below, it looks very simple and accessible.

On the test version of Symbol, options such as create tokens, explore the chain, and manage multi-signature accounts are already available.

It is important to remember that Symbol is a platform where everyone can implement blockchain in their business, with their own unique settings and needs. There is no limit to your implementation! Having studied the Symbol functionality, your business optimization will be limited only to your ideas.

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