NEM at Microsoft Indonesia

NEM recently had the opportunity to engage Microsoft Indonesia and its clients in a workshop held at the tech giant’s Jakarta office.

The NEM team together with Microsoft staff and clients who were participants of the workshop

With blockchain interest building up worldwide, it’s no surprise that the established tech companies have expressed interest in it as well.

NEM had the opportunity to engage Microsoft Indonesia recently, in a workshop arranged to get both Microsoft Indonesia and their clients familiarised with blockchain and the NEM platform.

Held on October 23 in Jakarta at Microsoft Indonesia’s office, the workshop was also attended by Microsoft Indonesia’s National Technology Officer, Tony Seno Hartono. The workshop was attended by a mix of Microsoft staff as well as their client’s developers.

The workshop started with a Blockchain 101 presentation by Mutia Rachmi from NEM Indonesia’s Business Development division which was followed by a NEM 101 presentation by Yafi Muhammad, NEM Indonesia’s Country Lead.

The presentations were followed up with a NEM Technical Training session by Ivy Fung, Technical Trainer from the NEM Foundation, where she also gave a sneak peek at the features of Catapult. At the end of the presentations, the workshop had a breakout session where participants had the opportunity to discuss blockchain use cases in the fields of supply chain, education and governance.

This workshop with Microsoft was a great opportunity for NEM Indonesia to engage the tech community in the country with the help of an established tech giant. It is hoped more workshops and collaboration with Microsoft in the field of blockchain will be forthcoming in the future.

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