NEM at Singapore FinTech 2018

On 12th to 14th November, organised by Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 is back with a bigger number exhibitors and companies showcasing their products and services.

With the help of Mutia Rachimi , Anton Dewantoro (NEM Indonesia’s Business Development), Dona Rinon (NEM Middle East Chapter Leader), Raph Fernandez and Jian Chan (NEM Australia’s Content Creator and Melbourne Lead and Business Development — consecutively) NEM addressed questions and made connections in the SFF 2018.

From left: Raph Fernandez (NEM Australia), Mutia Rachimi (NEM Indonesia), Wilma Lapuz (NEM Singapore), William Tan (NEM Singapore), Dona Rinon (NEM Middle East), and Jian Chan (NEM Australia)

The attendees are keener to know more about blockchain and how to migrate their business to harness the power of this new technology. Three (3) days had been a busy day as many students flocking the booth seeking for advise on how they can get the blockchain into their school project.

For the first time, there is a head of government delivering keynotes in a major fintech event, i.e. PM Narendra Modi of India. This means that the financial technology and blockchain especially gaining serious attention from government sector. Singapore Fintech Festival truly serve as a hub that connects stakeholders and communities including NEM as a leading provider of blockchain technology. As part of NEM Indonesia team, I feel contented that this event bring me back home with new ideas and connections to be developed in Indonesia. — Anton Dewantoro (NEM Indonesia’s Business Development)
It’s a great meeting place! Unlike other exhibition, Singapore Fintech Festival brought NEM-Indo to meet the world wide b/c company, challenges us to exercise our pitching skills towards other blockchain company. It’s truly an excellent platform in connecting potential user-geek and prospective partnership worldwide. We also notice that attendance here is somewhat higher than the previous events in Indonesia, that is a good sign, and of course we are trying to use this fact, in order to accelerate NEM’s Indo to position for a bigger market. Thank you for SG team for inviting us to this awesome event!! — Mutia Rachimi (NEM Indonesia’s Business Development)
Mutia Rachimi (NEM Indonesia) in action
The impressive Blockchain representation during this year’s Singapore Fintech Festival has been astronomically encouraging. The NEM booth itself was consistently inundated with great positive interest. NEM ANZ will be looking to be more involved with exhibitions of this nature, a very well done to the NEM Singapore team. -Jian Chan (Australia & New Zealand Lead), 2018.
Jian Chan (NEM Australia) with Paul Kang (Entersoft) and Vadim Zolotokrylin
Singapore Fintech opened a lot of opportunities for blockchain technology having Ripple, Hyperledger and NEM as the leading platforms of its kind made their presence known during the event. The very first summit I have attended where the top players in the blockchain industry was present. A manifestation that we can all co-exist in one environment. Kudos to NEM Singapore team for organising the NEM booth, and to the rest of the team who helped NEM ANZ, NEM Indonesia, to our participating partners Omniaz and ProximaX — for enduring the long walks and long talks, late lunch and dinner. Truly honored to have worked with you guys. Thank you for the passion, support and love for NEM. God bless! — Dona Rinon (NEM Middle East Chapter Leader)

NEM was joined by two of businesses using NEM blockchain, ProximaX and Omniaz.

Omniaz outlined an immediate solution to prevent the counterfeit alcoholic drinks, using IoT and NEM technology. ProximaX solves the problem of many business by offering a storage and KYC processes.

“High energy at the Singapore FinTech Festival this year, where NEM, Omniaz, and ProximaX engaged with the financial sector, RegTech providers, and government regulators. The NEM booth made sure it was being noticed, promoting its technology amongst the giants of the FinTech industry.” — Nicholas Watson (ProximaX — Head of Compliance Solution)

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Nicholas Watson (ProximaX — Head of Compliance Solution)
“The Fintech Festival was a great success for Omniaz and our Smart Bottles. People were able to experience firsthand the power of NEM’s Catapult in connection with IoT’s; something very special for a lot of attendees. It was also the perfect opportunity to gather direct feedback before our public launch on the 1st of December together with Wine Connection at their Wine Fair ( in Singapore and then later in Malaysia.” — Marc Giovannini (COO & Co-Founder Omniaz)

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Pool of people engaging with Omniaz’s Smart Bottles.


NEM is an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade blockchain platform launched in March 2015. NEM has industry leading blockchain features which include multisignature account contracts, customizable assets, a naming system, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. Companies with legacy systems can “plug ‘n play” with NEM.

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