This is a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nembol support amazon.co.uk?

YES: as long as each product has a barcode which Amazon has already associated to an ASIN, Nembol can publish listings on amazon.co.uk, as well as on other national Amazon sites.

YES: Nembol can extract your listings from amazon.co.uk be reading an ASIN. See this video to see how: https://youtu.be/oeh7Yuq7P7Q

How my listings will be complying with Amazon requirements for uploading listings?

Each product must have a barcode which Amazon has already associated to an ASIN. Nembol cannot create products totally new to Amazon at this time. Maybe in the future.

Is it possible to use my own store template?

YES: you can import/export from eBay and Shopify in HTML format. Check this video to see how https://youtu.be/1YUEDy7cf48. Just bear in mind that not all channels will accept all HTML formatting. Etsy for instance does not, Shopify accepts only part of it, Amazon accepts none at all.

If we say that eBay is the place I list my products, How deleting the listings from my eBay account will affect other platforms?

If you delete your listings from eBay after having imported them into Nembol, this will have no impact on those same listings neither in Nembol nor i if you had published them on other channels.

How about the orders from other platforms? If I make a sale on amazon.co.uk, do I need to login my Amazon account to see the customer address or I’ll be able to see the address via Nembol?

For now Nembol does not pull orders together in the same place. We will release this function within the fall 2018. For now you therefore have to login to Amazon to see an Amazon order, and so on on other platforms.

What about the customer communications? Example: If I receive a message from a customer on Etsy, would it be possible to review that message in Nembol? The same question for returns etc.

No, Nembol does not pull customer messages together in the same place. Each channel has its own rules on this and will forward messages to you mostly via email.

If I decide to change the price or stock quantity on my main platform, for instance eBay, how this will affect the other platforms?

If you edit a price or a quantity, Nembol will not sync this change to other channels yet. We will release this function within the fall of 2018, but if you actually receive an order, Nembol will update the quantity of the sold product on the other platforms.