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Introducing Eyes on the Prize games

Nemesis Downfall
Nemesis Downfall
3 min readMay 24, 2024


Hello Downfallers

In the next patch, coming soon, we will add to Nemesis Downfall a new game mode: Eyes on the Prize, gathering both a skirmish game with up to 30 people in game, and a new duel mode (on a new 1v1 map — stay tuned!).

We believe competitive matches will bring a whole new excitement to the game, as it settles Nemesis Downfall even more in the crypto narrative where you can quickly multiply your money if you make the right calls! Here is a quick introduction to it:

Play with a stake, win and take the Vault home

Eyes on the Prize is a new mode where players have to purchase an entry ticket to play. The current ticket is set at a value of $1 USD and is payable in $ND token.

Players can either pay for their tickets with their rewards previously earned in-game, or by depositing an ND balance in their Nemesis Downfall account.

All the entry tickets from the game participants are gathered into a Vault, and the players now compete to win that vault.

The top 3 players of the game then get to share the Vault with a 60% — 20% — 10% repartition. 5% of the vault is taken aside as a participation to the project treasury, which is used to cover infrastructure costs, and 5% participates to the burn effort through our reward & burn system. As usual, that repartition is a first setup and might be adjusted later on based on community feedback and project needs.

The rules of the competitive games have been slightly adapted to match the stake better. The win condition is now to be leading the score at the end of the allocated time period of 12 minutes.

This patch will also introduce anti self-kill and anti abandon measure and prevent the spectate exploit to ensure fairness of the competitive games.


Player joins an Eyes on the Prize — Skirmish game on Military Base and adds his $1 worth of ND to the vault like all 29 other players.

The vault is now worth $30 of NDs of which $27 will be redistributed to players

After 12 minutes, Player leads the score and wins the game, taking home 60% of the Vault or $18 worth of NDs.

In just 12 minutes, Player has x18 his money.

Going further

As you know, we are currently in a BETA phase and using this opportunity to test our features and new developments.

With this logic, we are launching the competitive games with a reasonably priced entry ticket, introducing a nice stake and a good return, with a limited risk.

Once the mode is sound and tested, we have plans to release different tiers of competitiveness with progressively higher stakes, and of course bigger opportunities to multiply earnings!

We are working on the very last items of the next patch, expect it in the coming days. It will feature the Eyes on the Prize mode, new 1v1 map, many corrections and fixes, some UI improvements and more! Stay tuned!

About Nemesis Downfall

Nemesis downfall is the first ever FPS Play-and-earn game developed as a game with crypto serving it and not the other way around. In a dystopian future, players fight each other in a Deathmatch style game featuring a whole in-game economy based on its $ND token and lootable NFTs.

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