Resistance Report Vol.5

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Nemesis Downfall
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2 min readOct 17


Hello community!

It is time for our 5th Resistance report. The team has been working consistently on many aspects of the game and project and there are many things we’re dying to show you!

Game development

We’ve worked on many things these last weeks, but here are the main new features:

  • Added new player motion mechanics such as slides.
  • Added drop boxes where players can loot weapons / ammo / armor. Drop boxes are signaled by a smoke cloud.
  • Inclusion of the NFT in game skins.
  • Added a whole area to the map. We are working on optimizing map size and content to the amount of players in a single game.
  • Added many new map elements, vehicles and decor elements and textures.

What’s next ?

We are currently working on game modes, improving our existing death match mode and adding One-in-the-chamber, an exclusive mode where players will drop with a single bullet for all ammo.

We are also brainstorming on some game mechanics at high level such as character classes and perks that will make the game feel more dynamic and open to player choices.

Lastly, we are working on an attachment system for the weapon, to let players customize their favorite weapons to their own playstyle and add specific characteristics to them.

About Nemesis Downfall

Nemesis downfall is the first ever Battle Royale / MMORPG Play-to-earn game developed as a game with crypto serving it and not the other way around. In a dystopian future, players will be able to fight each other in a BR style game, which will then be embedded in a persistent world MMORPG-like game with a whole in-game economy based on its $NMSIS token and lootable NFTs.

Read our whitepaper here

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