The Nemobile Applications project is no longer just a great idea

Nemobile Applications

Javier Ramírez worked in Venezuela as a Director of the Venezuelan Chamber of Electronic Commerce and simultaneously with several of his own companies, all related to information technology and his status as Engineer. The political crisis in his country motivated him to grow and expand. He designed a business plan, creating an innovative project focused on Artificial Intelligence, which was so well received that it was approved by the Government of the Portuguese Republic through the StartUP Portugal Program, and then selected by more than fifteen technology incubators to start European operations. The company Nemobile Applications and its flagship product SIDIS started well. It was selected to represent Portugal this year in Collision, the largest technology event in North America, and more recently chosen to participate in the Web Summit 2019 event, within the ALPHA program, where companies like Uber participated in their beginning.

The Nemobile Applications project is no longer just a great idea, it is now a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ready to hit the market. Meanwhile, its Artificial Intelligence program has already more than three hundred users in three industries: a Real Estate company in the United States (Sky Group), a group of dealers in Portugal in the process of closing sales (Autosoluçoes) and a Retail company — Coffee range by Delica AG — belonging to one of the most important groups of Swiss companies (Migros).

Written by Ricardo Bello (2019)

Sidis searches, analyses & predicts. Just ask.

Sidis Team

Artificial Intelligence has greatly improved in the last few years. However, most businesses cannot afford integrating a Data Science team, and facing every challenge of an AI transformation, with the time and resources it that take. That’s why Sidis was built. Its main objective is to become the intelligent consultant of every company, as an expert tool in Finance, Sales, and Marketing. With your current Datasource, you can actually use Sidis to search, predict, and analyze any given situation, empower your sales, understand your Key Performances Indicators, and anticipate future behaviours.

Javier E. Ramirez G.

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