Become a technology company

If you think how much Technology is impacting our life and work, you would agree that it may be impacting from all angles. No matter what industry you are -even if you are a farmer- Technology becomes increasingly present in your life. We cannot -just- use use Technology, now we need to understand it, master it and keep it updated.

Payment methods, communications, interaction with customers, advertising, providers, processes, management, customer understanding and nurturing, product development, tax and finance……all facets of our industries, no matter if big or small, national or international, are directly impacted by several hundreds of different technologies. If you want to avoid this fast evolving reality, you will be gone forever.

Our core company asset is Content.

Around our core asset there are several thousand companies developping all types of “new impacts”, “innovations”…..Technologies. Better features, languages, structures, AI, machine learning, standards, recognition engines, taxonomies and smart gadgets to interpret, connect and use our content.

Today, Harvard Business Review has entered a project to think about HBR archives in a way that they can use machines to get smart and be used to serve a CEO, for example. They are in their journey to use technology to improve the -already extraordinary- outcomes of their journals.

I am convinced we need to, not just embrace, Technology but be aware of its evolution, its innovations, its impacts on our environment. All our projects are embeded and dependant on Techs. Not being able to understand and adapt, and improve, could probably mean we will be out of the market really fast.