Speed dating Wrocław— Games Night

You don’t need to be physically naked in order to be "naked" and to show your vulnerability.

Rare scene these days in real world...

Romance as we know from Titanic is gone. Nakedly dead. I decided to change that. To enjoy romance restoration. I don’t have any ambition to succeed, let’s just have fun with it.

Tinder to me is just simple face shop. It’s maybe sexy and funny, but it doesn’t let me to look deeply into strangers eyes. Just swiping doesn’t connect me with any people. I had to put a lot of time and effort to finally set up a date.

Romance Defence Camp

What if we can bring back the non-repressed environment and space where people have opportunity to experience again The First Sight. Restore the love from the first sight? That will ambitious, but maybe it will happen by a chance. I will just create the chance.

I have a dream that we can bring back attention to essential, instinctive, deep discovery of each other

I have had tasted the solution. It’s not new. But let’s refresh the idea and come up with new, engaging flow:

Games. People. Play.

Sounds like familiar psychological book ? Yes, there will be games, play, fun. I believe there has to be structure and few rules to help people connect. Throughout the evening, players will progress into several games, each on different level of closeness. But we will let people be. We will let people hack and cheat, play like kids.

First sight games controller like on Nintendo


We will invite 30 beautiful human beings wanting to experience non-repressed, liberated first sights through relaxation and fun. In one place, at the same time. We pick cosy venue. Group will be big enough to have variety, still casual enough to maintain focus. This has to be fun.

Reception Phase

People will run from their work, they will be late, their mind will be scattered, stressed. We don’t want that. We want people to feel relaxed, rest and ready to mingle. We want to achieve that by relaxation exercises. After that people will feel liberated, playful and ready to connect.

Techniques used in this phase: Smooth abdominal breathing, walking around the room and handshaking, classical/jazz music, calm, welcoming and meditative voice of the organizers

Play Phase

We will lead people into set of games, slowly moving up to higher dimension. Just enough to spark eventual romantical connection. Each game participation is explained in details in simple, yet funny and relaxing way. You can always change your mind and step aside if level of the connection is too much.

We don’t want now to explain you exactly what are the games, to use the effect of surprise and embrace creativity of the moment. But be sure they are gentle. No creepy moves, no touching without consent. We put females safety as a priority.

Closing ceremony

After the games we will just let things happen, there will be not much structure from here. Organizers will say goodbye to people, but they can stay and mingle, get to casual chatting, get some drinks and enjoy rest of the evening with newly met people. Maybe we could play some dance music depending on the venue and the group mood.

Enjoy :)


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