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A Complete List of Guest Speakers & Agenda for NEO DevCon 2019 Came out — All Big Names

NEO DevCon 2019, a top developers’ conference held within the NEO ecosystem is coming to Seattle, the US on February 16 and 17, 2019. Now a complete list of guest speakers and agenda is coming out after more than one month’s close preparation.

Among the guest speakers, there are key opinion leaders enjoying great popularity in NEO community, like Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, who are NEO founders, Johnson Zhao, General Manager, and Peter Lin, NGD R&D Director. They will reveal the strategic plan and technical progress of the project that are of the community’s concern at the conference.

In addition, NEO ecosystem key partners and representatives from traditional IT and consulting industries will also share their research outcomes regarding blockchain development and technology, including managing director from Accenture, CEO of Swisscom Blockchain and Department heads from Microsoft.

List of Guest Speakers

On the first day, division heads from NEO will disclose a forward-looking work plan of NEO and core department leaders from various companies will share their insights on the blockchain industry and technical progress. The next day will be composed of a keynote session and a breakout session. In the keynote session, the stage will be given to NEO eco dApps and partners who will have a deep dive into technical topics with the community. The breakout session will be a full-day workshop for NEO community developers. This two-day event will get NEO fully immersed to obtain hands-on programming experience and develop a broad picture of NEO.

NEO DevCon 2019 Agenda

NEO DevCon 2019 Workshop Agenda

Upon the finalization of the agenda the guest list, the early-bird sales channel of NEO DevCon 2019 also closed. Welcome to our DevCon page ( for more information and purchase the two-day ticket for this DevCon.

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