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Blockchain Gaming Makes An Impact in Akihabara, Tokyo with the NEO Game Conference

If you’re a gamer, you’ll go to Akihabara at least once in your life.

If you’re an anime geek, you’ll go to Akihabara at least once in your life.

Last weekend, NEO landed in Akihabara, Tokyo, a shrine for two-dimensional culture.

On March 9th & 10th, NEO GameCon 2019 took place in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. NEO GameCon was NEO’s first gaming conference and it attracted many companies from within the industry, including game publishers such as Sina Game, NetEase Game, iQIYI Game, and

A strong showing of NEO ecosystem gaming projects was on hand to give presentations, such as CryptoFast, NEOLAND, BlaCat, and MagicCube. The event was also attended by dozens of domestic and overseas media outlets from within the gaming and blockchain industries, including TV TOKYO, NetEase, Sina, 36Kr and

Thousands of participants gathered at the two-day event for the chance to experience the latest in blockchain-integrated games and meet with top game developers. The majority of NEO GameCon attendees were gamers or anime fans, and the features offered by blockchain games were met with much enthusiasm.

Many distinguished guests shared the stage at NEO GameCon 2019, including Nobuyuki Idei, former president of Sony Corporation, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, founders of NEO, Ishikawa Jun from blockchain game development company DoubleJump.Tokyo, and Wynne Ray from the DMM game, OVERRIDE.

The game industry has gone through several transitions from physical to digital form, from PC/console to mobile phone. In the past, games are for casual recreation and entertainment but today, a lot of gamers are professional ones and even doing esports. As such, the gaming industry is constantly developing and I do believe that the network underlying the games will be blockchain. It will be the first time we see blockchain induce a free market for game assets and even witness blockchain technology in matured games. At the same time, blockchain can change the value chain of the game industry so that more developers benefit from it. All of this is what NEO needs to do in the gaming industry. Although blockchain game is not yet matured, it possess a great potential. — Da Hongfei

On day one, 9nine, a popular Japanese pop music group was among the first to experience NEO-based blockchain game CryptoFast, which was unveiled for the first time to unanimous praise. On day two, well-known seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) Rica Matsumoto and Kouno Marika hosted the Yoyogi Animation Academy voice audition battle, where participants showcased their talents to a judging panel that included NEO’s Erik Zhang.

In addition, the NetEase game Justice Online was exhibited at the conference, and JobTribes, a famous Japanese game, was launched with the presence of CEO Sami Noiri and its comic author and well-known cartoonist, Shin Kibayashi.

Gaming is the fastest growing sector within the blockchain industry. NEO focused its game development strategy in 2018 and established the NEO.Game brand. At NEO DevCon 2019, Wang Jiachao, head of NEO.Game, told the audience that “blockchain games may not be the future of the blockchain, but the games that use blockchain technology will be the future of games.”

NEO.Game will release a NEO.Game Developer Guide towards the end of March as it strives to make NEO the preferred platform for blockchain game solutions. In addition, Jiachao stated that at least 10 blockchain games will be deployed on NEO within the first half of 2019.

The attendance of NEO GameCon 2019 by traditional game publishers and developers such as NetEase Game, DMM Game, Thunder Fire Studio, MAGES.Labs, and Yoani demonstrates that many recognize NEO’s capacity to carry the largest blockchain game throughput.

One of the conference highlights was the Game Ideathon, which was supported by TV TOKYO and offered a total prize of ¥500,000 Yen. Contestants were tasked with conceiving creative concepts for next-generation games that included functionality enabled by NEO blockchain technology.

10 groups of pairs pitched their ideas on day one, which was then narrowed down to the final four. On day two, the finalists presented their blockchain games concepts on stage whilst being broadcasted live by TV TOKYO.

The game “作っちゃうおじさん”, translated as “Creative Old Gentleman” was awarded the first place prize. NGD general manager, Zhao Chen, who participated as a judge, believes that this type of platform allows ordinary people to participate in the design of games, which is in line with NEO’s community-oriented mission.

NEO GameCon 2019 was a milestone in the development of NEO.Game. With its powerful infrastructure and intuitive game solutions, NEO has won the favor of traditional game publishers and will attract more game developers and publishers in the future.

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