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The Neo Polaris Launchpad Hackathon judging is completed, and the results are in. The judges have carefully reviewed and evaluated each project among the qualifying entries submitted across nearly 600 event registrants. The entries were competitive, and the decisions were difficult to make.

We at Neo thank and commend every Polaris Launchpad participant who has brought your creativity, skills, and efforts to Polaris Launchpad over the past three months. Today, we are thrilled to announce the winning teams and introduce each of these projects.

Grand Prize Winners

Five grand prizes have been awarded across the five Polaris Launchpad categories. Each grand prize-winning project will receive a prize of US $35,000 in NEO tokens. Grand Prize-winning projects that received a multiplier award in the Planathon phase will have their prizes multiplied by a factor ranging from 1.1 to 1.5x. Each winning project team also will receive a custom-tailored set of post-hackathon incubation opportunities through participation in the Neo Global Development (NGD) EcoBoost program. EcoBoost is designed to enhance the Neo ecosystem by offering end-to-end lifecycle support for small and medium-sized project teams who develop on or are looking to integrate with or migrate to the Neo blockchain.

Best Middleware Project Incorporating NeoFS/OracleProject: Greenfinch

Greenfinch is a decentralized data storage solution on Neo N3 and NeoFS–think Dropbox on steroids. Greenfinch will bring a range of capabilities such as granular permissions, privacy, and more to decentralized storage on Neo N3.

“We are ecstatic about winning the Grand Prize for Best Middleware Project Incorporating NeoFS/Oracle. We set out to build a product that will ultimately benefit the community, but also show the world the incredible functionality of Neo and NeoFS. We cannot wait to see where we go next with Greenfinch. The upcoming incubation support will really help us take Greenfinch to the next level,” says Alex Walker, a member of the Greenfinch team. “We believe in the technology Neo offers, and the Polaris Launchpad hackathon offered us an opportunity to share this belief with a wider audience. It gave us the incentive we needed to work on something that will demonstrate that Neo is a serious contender in the decentralized space.”

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Best DAO Project: Neodao

Neodao consists of a smart contract and a client-side Javascript library that allows a developer with only typical website development skills to create robust DAOs on the Neo N3 blockchain.

“The Polaris Launchpad hackathon was my chance to work with some of the most talented people in the blockchain industry and possibly earn the chance to take my ideas to completion to the world at large,” says Neodao developer Robert Oschler. “To my delight, I have been given that opportunity, and I believe all of us will look back at this hackathon as the moment Neo N3 finally took flight. The best thing about winning in the Polaris Launchpad is knowing that I have a chance to play an important role in helping people discover, use, and learn to love the most powerful and innovative blockchain platform in the world.”

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Best NFT / Metaverse Project: DogeRift 2.5D NFT/3D Metaverse Gamefi

Dogerift is a GameFi built on Neo. Players use their NFTs as playable characters to earn tokens that can be used in-game to improve a player’s gameplay or be traded for profit. Players use their NEO wallets as game accounts to log in to the game and can use NFTs as playable characters and items.

“We are very grateful for the Neo team for recognizing our project and for all the help and feedback from the community. We are going to do our best to make this project a great game that will attract many new users to the N3 blockchain. We’ve been passionate gaming developers for years now, and the acknowledgment from the Neo team means a lot to us. Our team is very excited for the future of DogeRift development,” says Zoxyi. “We have followed the Neo blockchain development for years, and as game developers we saw this as a perfect opportunity to make our ideas possible. As passionate game developers, we hope DogeRift will become a very fun and exciting way for players on the Neo blockchain to play to earn. We are very happy to make this project come to life! Thank you all for the support!”

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Best DeFi Project: Pumpkin Swap

Pumpkin Swap is a decentralized crypto trading protocol with swap, staking, and liquidity pool features.

“‘I chose the Neo N3 network as the easiest and most complete solution for my ideas. My true passion for creating and bringing ideas to life starts right here with Neo,” says Sky. “I’m honored and grateful to be able to work on developing and bringing my ideas into reality through Polaris Launchpad. The Neo Polaris Launchpad hackathon has been a perfect opportunity to show my idea. My passions are coding and bringing my ideas to life. This has given me a chance to share my work and passion with the Neo community. I can only say a big thank you. This has been an amazing experience.”

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Best General Category Project: Bamboo

Bamboo aims to create a social platform on Neo N3 that natively allows users to explore the integration of Web2 and Web3. The project is a new Web3 social platform that generates exclusive NFTs (personal identity database credentials) by linking users’ existing centralized and decentralized social information. Users can use this exclusive NFT to participate in personal information upgrades, play social games, and add value to their own data and behaviors.

“Thanks to every team member for the two months of brainstorming and development. And thanks to Neo for providing such a good platform and strong technical support,” says Moumou, Marketing Head of Bamboo. “John introduced Neo technology to us, and after evaluating many different blockchain capabilities, we found that many other blockchains could not fully realize our vision. We have gotten a lot of quick and constructive help from the Neo community. We love the vibe of the Neo community so much. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this project!”

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Additional Award Winners

Fifteen additional project entries have been selected as Polaris Launchpad award winners: 14 Excellence Awards and one Special Mention Award. Each winning project will receive $8000 in NEO tokens. Award-winning projects that received a multiplier designation in the Planathon phase will have their prizes multiplied by a factor ranging from 1.1 to 1.5x. The winning project teams will also receive customized consultation time with the NGD EcoGrowth team regarding their projects.

Excellence Award Winner: Dao Cake

DAO Cake brings DAO technology to communities and startups. It solves conflict and distrust of profit distribution in a dApp where members’ claims are posted, voted, and approved in a simple, fun way. Its mission is to make founder contributions easy.

“It’s exciting to be recognized. I first joined the hackathon as an excuse to play with the Neo technology. Although I did not have a lot of time, I was surprised by how effectively I could develop a reasonably complex smart contract. From there I was hooked and have kept building even though I joined late in the hackathon,” says Nathan Challen, DAO Cake team member. “Our team has been evaluating various blockchains over the last six months to find a home for our larger product suite at Most have been Solidity EVMs. I was curious about Neo, as I’m a C# developer. This hackathon also was attractive because of the Launchpad approach. Having completed a number of hackathons, I see a launchpad as the best concept to ensure that products mature beyond the testnet and go to market on the main net. DAO Cake is a neat stand-alone product that we’d love to see out there in the world.”

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Excellence Award Winner: Feedio

Feedio is designed to be a decentralized, reliable price feed system that would provide crypto and other asset prices via a smart contract interface that can be consumed by other smart contracts in a cost-effective manner.

“We are overjoyed to win recognition in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. We are super grateful to the Neo team for recognizing our idea and efforts by picking us as a winner and providing all the support we needed,” says project team member Kinshuk Kar. “This recognition is great motivation for us to continue working on the project and taking it live soon.”

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Excellence Award Winner: Findtruman

Findtruman is a crowd-sourced, whodunit-style game, where players search for clues in a 3D hotel environment to find Truman, the mysterious killer. Players can vote on the plot’s direction by using FindTruman Genesis NFTs.

“The Neo community has huge potential in technical innovation and Dapp development, as there are lots of technical experts who are willing to help beginners and share their useful suggestions, says a Findtruman team member. “Neo is an open community that is like a big family, and we all have the same goal of developing the Web3 ecosystem based on the Neo blockchain. We are thankful to Neo for hosting this wonderful event, and we are appreciative of the judges for bestowing this honor and trust on us. We shall continue to endeavor to develop the Findtruman Co-Creation platform.”

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Excellence Award Winner: Neo-Effisend

Neo-Effisend is a Neo-based mobile dApp and wallet that improves cash-out processes and integrates with Rapyd (the biggest payment processor globally) to improve financial inclusion in Mexico and Latin America.

“We thank Neo NDG for the excellent Launchpad initiative and organization. The Launchpad series is a great tool to help aspiring developers create a Neo-based product. We hope that these initiatives continue, as we think they bring great value and new blood to the ecosystem,” says Neo-Effisend team member Luis Oliver. “Polaris Launchpad was the perfect opportunity for us to test market our fit in the Web3 ecosystem. We inspected the Neo ecosystem thoroughly and found that Neo-Effisend would be a perfect fit to offer fast, easy, and almost fee-less transfers with a booming ecosystem and several projects in Defi 2.0 and the NFT space.”

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Excellence Award Winner: SOMNIUMWAVE

SOMNIUMWAVE is an open-world 3D blockchain game designed to reward users for holding NFTs and competing in matchmaking. Players may buy and sell lands, vehicles, and weapons using the NEP-17 token $SOM.

“This experience has been a dream come true. The Neo community made this happen 100%. I’m actually still wondering how I got to this point. It’s just crazy. Great things happen when you work really hard and you’re passionate about what you do. The future holds so much, so I think we’ll all just have to wait and see how this story unravels. I owe NEO everything and it’s an absolute honor to be able to do this. Thank you everyone x infinity,” said SOMNIUMWAVE developer Sergio Avila. “Making art for the Neo community was the best thing I ever did in my life. Creating art pieces was already really cool for me, but transforming it into a live virtual experience where people can join in is on a whole other level. So naturally, when I heard about Polaris Hackathon, I was all in.”

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Excellence Award Winner: Space War Alpha

Space War Alpha is a space-shooter game with upgradable NFTs.

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Excellence Award Winner: is a decentralized automation protocol built on Neo N3. It allows a reliable automatic execution of arbitrary smart contract logic with the help of a decentralized execution infrastructure.

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Excellence Award Winner: — NFT Marketplace on Neo is an NFT marketplace on NEO to mint, buy, sell and auction for NFTs, integrated with Neo FS.

“Neo offers so many opportunities for everyone. Winning the Neo blockchain hackathon is just the beginning of our journey,” says neo-artistic team member Jacob Duong.

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Excellence Award Winner: Student Data System

Student Data System is a data storage platform using NeoFS, students’ data can be saved in the Neo network for permanent storage without any inconvenience to users.

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Excellence Award Winner: Bowerbird

Bowerbird is a decentralized and collateralized lending protocol aiming to provide sustainably high yields by capturing the intrinsic yields of collateral assets.

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Excellence Award Winner: LatchBox

LatchBox is a fully decentralized token lock and vesting platform on Neo N3 Blockchain. LatchBox aims to protect every cryptocurrency community from rug pulls and unscrupulous advisors.

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Excellence Award Winner: Forthewin Network

Forthewin network is a platform that helps to kick-start crypto projects such as minting, listing, trading, staking and voting.

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Excellence Award Winner: CaaS for Neo3

CassS for Neo3 is a compiler as a service (CaaS) project using the Neo N3 infrastructure.

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Excellence Award Winner: NeoDashboard

NeoDashboard is a website providing access to data regarding the Neo ecosystem. A Twitter bot is also deployed to allow people to discover events such as whale alerts, deployment of new contracts, and candidacies for the Neo Council.

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Special Mention Winner: SUPERSON Solution

An additional award category was added during the judging phase. The Special Mention Award was given for a submission that did not yet have a coding element but did an excellent job of building a strong business case and shows great potential for project implementation in a valued area of the Neo ecosystem.

SUPERSON Solution received the Special Mention Award. Superson will be a stablecoin for Neo.

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What’s Next

Polaris Plus, the final phase of the Polaris Launchpad event, will begin on June 8 and run through June 21. This is an invitation-only, community-led funding phase in which the Neo community gets to decide the winners. The best-performing projects submitted in the Hackathon phase, regardless of whether they received awards or not, will be invited to join Neo on DoraHacks for a round of community voting. In this special event, Neo GAS token holders can use their funds to vote for their favorite projects. Neo has set aside a minimum of $57,500 to match these votes through quadratic means. We encourage Neo community members to visit DoraHacks starting on June 8 to review the projects and cast your votes.

Again, kudos to all the winning teams and to all the participants who have devoted your efforts to Polaris Launchpad. Your enthusiasm and achievements point to a bright future for Neo, the blockchain industry, and Web3. We hope to see you in the Neo community and in the next hackathon in the Neo Launchpad series.

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