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EcoBoost Program Dedicates $200 Million to Foster High-Potential Projects in the Neo Ecosystem

Neo Global Development (NGD) has expanded the commitment to foster growth and success of high-potential projects built on Neo N3. Last year, we were proud to provide initial support to innovative projects such as GhostMarket, iMe Smart Platform, Polychain Monsters, Rentfuse, and TranslateMe Network as well as Defina Finance, Humswap, NekoHit, Saffron Finance, and TOTHEMOON through the N3 Early Adoption program. This year, through the USD $200 million EcoBoost program, we will further facilitate these projects and welcome an ongoing series of exciting new projects such as Hacash.Diamonds.

The EcoBoost program marks an amplification of the business incubation support that NDG provided through the N3 Early Adoption program in 2021 alongside the release of Neo N3, the most feature-rich and developer-friendly version of the Neo blockchain to date. The N3 Early Adoption program allocated USD $10 million in grants to jumpstart high-potential projects. The projects we accepted received grants, technical support, and other incubation opportunities that have helped them grow while rapidly establishing Neo N3’s ecosystem and bolstering awareness of Neo N3.

The EcoBoost program is a business incubation program that supports Neo’s commitment to further drive growth of new projects in the Neo ecosystem and foster their success. Through this program, we will further support the incubation of small and medium-sized project teams who develop on or are looking to integrate with or migrate to the Neo blockchain.

EcoBoost works by building up a partner network to assist Neo-based projects. This network includes partners in areas such as media organizations, Exchange, Wallet, dApp directory, educational organizations, and security. The EcoBoost program takes a flexible approach tailored to fit the unique needs of each project. Once onboarded, each project receives customized, complete lifecycle support that may include funding of up to USD $50,000, technology support, community access, marketing assistance, token listings, and stimulation of liquidity, along with access to other industry resources.

By driving ecosystem growth and facilitating the buildout of an expanding set of multifunctional dApps on the Neo blockchain, NGD continues to expand Neo’s presence in the wider crypto community and provide resulting utility for the NEO token. As an increasing number of projects are deployed on Neo N3, the growing range of exciting dApps in the Neo ecosystem continues to bring new end-users to the network, resulting in larger NEO and GAS token turnover. This ecosystem growth continues to increase the network’s utility, resulting in ongoing growth in the volume of traffic and transactions on the N3 chain.

John Wang, Head of Neo Eco-Growth, said: “The EcoBoost program works by building up a partner network to provide assistance to Neo-based projects. Neo welcomes all innovative and disruptive projects to build on N3 as we continue to expand our growing ecosystem and make the ecosystem available to the wider developer community, no matter what programming language they use.”

We encourage teams of any size with high-potential projects to apply to the EcoBoost program. Customized support is available for scenarios ranging from small teams with innovative ideas and seed users or medium-sized teams with a mature business model and community or customer base, to projects or businesses that already have a presence in the Neo ecosystem or that seek to migrate to or integrate with Neo.

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