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NEL First Bi-weekly Report of March

This report tells the NEL latest development in the first half of March

NNS project

Completed the design of the new NNS DEX Dapp page

NEO Dapi Standard Proposal

Two new suggestions were made:

1. It is recommended that the network in Dapi is optional. If it’s not selected, it is the Network set by the wallet. In fact, in most cases, wallets restrict Dapp to only operate on the current network of wallet settings. It’s not necessary to have a lot of meaningless network information attached to it every time.

2. It is recommended that the description field is added to to the invoke structure, so it allows a Dapp to attach a concise description to a contract call operation to help the average users understand the upcoming operation. This field will be shown on the Teemo’s confirmation page before sending a transaction.

Temmo extension wallet

Implemented all Dapi interfaces and events, the developer version has been completed. At present, developers can refer to the document to use Temmo for convenient Dapp front-end development. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know at Our developer incentive policy is still valid for a long time.

Completed all event listeners provided to the dapp: ready to complete, connect, disconnect, network changes

Implemented the task management mechanism: monitor the block height, actively query the transaction result and change task status after the height changes.

Implemented the trust mechanism by recording the content of the avatar, title and so on on the dapp. The URL allowed by the user can access the wallet, and the unauthorized URL cannot access the wallet method and resources.

Completed the CGAS redemption function

Completed the built-in transfer function in the wallet

Completed transaction history storage and display

Completed the QR code display of the popup page

Completed the automatic generation of the avatar using hex.

NEL explorer

Added a list of domain names that have been sold:

Fixed the issue that content cannot be displayed when querying.


After research, we found a bug in NEO CLI 2.10.0 that causes the network cost of the constructed transaction to be insufficient, so the node fails to send it. Https://

The current 1024 calculation method has not yet been fully determined, and it’s still in further discussion in the community.

NEO node optimization enhancement

Neo-cli-nel upgrade to 2.10.0

n The functionalities of application and block in the Neo-cli-nel warehoused into the mongo function were moved to the plugin for implementation

Added a plug-in for synchronizing data. The plug-in can read the NEL special version of the ACC quick sync package, which implements the chain data import speed dozens of times of the official package.


Solved the problem that few transactions can’t be shown on the main network address

NEO tool

A monitoring system is built for the node failure notification problem, including SMS notification and restarting the node function. (restart monitoring) (SMS monitoring)

NEL lab

Set up the ipfs access service layer, the current service interface can support upload/download and other functions.

Experiment with the Websocket interface mode to test its effect on improving the user experience.


What’s finished in the last week (Mar. 11th-17th)

1 Development of Exchange(80% completed)

2 PayPal payment debugging(100% completed)

3 Adjustment of Find(100% completed)

4 Test of Find(100% completed)

5 Design of pre-sale system(40% completed)

This week plan( Mar. 18th-24th)

1 Development of Exchange

2 Token exchange debugging

3 Development of props exchange

4 Design of pre-sale system




Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

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