NEL First Bi-weekly Report of May

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May 16 · 3 min read

This report tells the NEL latest development in the first half of May

NNS DEX V2 front-end development:

Completed the static page development of the domain name trading module: selling market, buying market, transaction history, my open orders, initiate the open order, related domain name details modules

Completed the static page development of my account module: account settings

The static page has a total completion of 90% and is about to enter the logic function development.

NNS DEX V2 background (interface) development:

Developed a contract for the analysis function of asset precision matching to adapt to any asset precision

For NNS DEX, updated the function development list document, developed the contract address balance summary function, added the balance inquiry function, developed the sales data summary function, and developed the domain purchase data summary function.

Added a new page for the second phase and added Chinese and English switching function

Added the button for users to select Chinese or English on the starting page.

Add “About Us,” which includes wallet information, official website link, help, privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimer.

Fixed the page style problem and some operational issues

Improved the DAPI testing example. The network field can be omitted when a dapi calls an interface to pass parameters with the default network.

It is expected that Teemo V1.2.0 will be officially released in mid-May.

Suggestions were proposed to the community including block info type, tool type, NNS type extension Dapi methods and events (

All of these suggestions have been implemented in Teemo’s upcoming release of V1.2.0, and we have recently completed the writing of the documentation of methods and events in both Chinese and English ( Dapp developers are welcome to check it out and these extensions will make Dapp development easier and make developers more focused on the business logic.

Regarding load balancing, we deployed 2 sets of WebSocket API servers for increased robustness and reliability

Worked with NGD to handle the compatibility issue of the new version of CLI privatization storage. At present, it is found that there may be other problems besides the problem of comparing instructions (causing the NNC incompatibility issue). NEL is working closely with NGD on that. For this reason, NGD has suspended the release of the new version.

Continued to discuss the length cost calculation issue in NEO’s new transaction legal discriminant algorithm with NGD. At present, NGD indicates that it is possible to change the portion exceeding 1024 bytes from byte-based charging to kilobytes-based, thereby reducing the difficulty of constructing a legitimate transaction body.

constant product-based token liquidity protocol study

Developed a new trading pair template and tested it.

Tested and modified the original trading pairs

Participated in the 3rd NEO developer community conference call and exchanged community development, problem, and suggestions

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NEO is a non-profit community-driven open-source blockchain project. "Digital assets ➕ Digital identity ➕ Smart contract = Smart economy". Website ➡

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NEO Smart Economy

NEO is a non-profit community-driven open-source blockchain project. "Digital assets ➕ Digital identity ➕ Smart contract = Smart economy". Website ➡