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This report tells the NEL latest development in the second half of February

NNS project

Started designing the new NNS DEX Dapp page. Dapp will rely on the Teemo extension wallet for NEO interoperability

Trying to design FOMO-type gameplay in the NNS secondary market auction.

NEO Dapi Standard Proposal

The method design for batch processing Invoke requests have been added to the Dapi standard:

The invokeReadGroup method can support multiple contract (read) methods to get results in one request, such as returning all the basic information of the NEP5 contract at one time.

The invokeGroup method can support multiple contract (write) methods to be executed in one transaction or block by block if the GAS consumption is more than 10GAS. At the same time, the method supports the TXID of the previous operation as the input for the next operation. This method will greatly improve the Dapp development efficiency of complex contracts.

All of the above features will be implemented for the first time in the upcoming Teemo wallet.

Teemo extension wallet

Implemented wallet creation and import function

Implemented wallet login and logout function

Implemented wallet information display

Implemented wallet permission control (the corresponding display module is jumped according to the wallet lock status)

The extension wallet’s storage mechanism was designed and implemented. The popup page calls the storage object in the background to implement the memory storage function.

Developed Dapi for Dapp development and use: built Dapi communication framework, implemented Dapi exception handling mechanism, implemented ready initialization listening method, implemented the getProvider interface, implemented the getNetWorks interface, implemented the getAccount interface, implemented the getBalance interface, implemented the invoke interface, implemented the link transaction function in the invokeGroup interface, that is, the combination of multiple invokes can be combined to be sent in a transaction.

Implemented the security confirmation page logic, only the Dapp (URL) you trust can acquire the wallet information.

Response to major changes in NEO transaction consensus rules

NGD upgraded the TestNet to 2.9.4. In addition to being more stable, the biggest difference is that the change in the transaction consensus rule: if the length of the transaction body exceeds 1024 bytes, each excess byte will be charged an additional 0.00001 GAS network fee. Otherwise, Consensus will not be reached on this transaction.

According to our estimates, this change will have an impact on the TestNet contract deployment transaction, affecting about 1.2% of the MainNet transactions (NGD has suspended the main network upgrade to 2.9.4 plan).

At present, the NEL TestNet node has been upgraded to 2.9.4, and the SimplePolicy extension is installed, so that the node will filter the non-compliant transaction by refusing to send and synchronize it from other nodes, so the situation that the possible UTXO is locked and cannot be used can be avoided.

NGD plans to update the TestNet to 2.9.5 in early March. In this release, new interfaces for the 1024 new regulations will be added, and NEL will help the community adapt to the new regulations by closely adjusting the relevant infrastructure.


We urgently revised the contract deployment cost calculation model in which we added an additional network fee (11GAS) to all contract deployment operation transactions. This change will completely cover the new rules of the transaction consensus, ensuring that contract deployment transactions can be issued and consensus can be reached.

After deploying 2.9.5 TestNet by NGD, we will further make the network fee calculation more accurate.

NEO node: LightDB optimization and upgrade

All NEO-CLI data writing related operations are recorded in mongoDB, so that these operations can be quickly restored to the lightDB. We hope to achieve a faster recovery than the official ACC package solution.

Added a network module to the lightDB to implement a simple network database and add a read/write interface. We want lightDB to be an open NEO chain data center to facilitate the deployment of several load-balanced RPC APIs on its front end.


Added the getclaimgasUtxoList interface, which supports returning the NEO UTXO required for GAS claiming in paging form, and solves the GAS claiming problem of the address with thousands of NEO UTXOs (originally encountered the problem that the data body is too large and the interface timed out).


Studied the use of IPFS, learned decentralized storage application-related technology


The development of exchange

Supports NEO recharging

Supports BCP purchase in NEO

The UI design of Zoro wallet

NEO Smart Economy

NEO is a non-profit community-driven open-source blockchain project. "Digital assets ➕ Digital identity ➕ Smart contract = Smart economy". Website ➡

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NEO Smart Economy

NEO is a non-profit community-driven open-source blockchain project. "Digital assets ➕ Digital identity ➕ Smart contract = Smart economy". Website ➡

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