NEL Second Bi-weekly Report of March

This report tells the NEL latest development in the second half of March

NNS project

NNS DEX contract development

In the next version of DEX, domain buying and auction require a certain NNC to be, and the functionality has been developed (the current running DEX rules have not changed).

NNS background interface development

Fixed a bug so all the domain name ownership transfer history displays correctly.

Fixed the bug that .test domain can’t acquire data

NEO Dapi Standard Proposal

It is recommended to add the getAddressFromScriptHash interface (available in the latest Teemo code) to provide Dapp’s ability to get addresses based on ScriptHash, since both the contract query and the execution result are returned in the form of ScriptHash (and in reverse order), and the dApp has the need to obtain the address. Https://

Teemo browser extension wallet

Added methods such as getAddressFromScriptHash, send, etc.

Tested all dapi interfaces and fixed problems.

Updated the network switching module

Modified the storage method of the task data, divided it into the memory storage and the lock storage, so that obtain the data from the memory variable, save the data, change the memory and then save it to the storage, and initialize the storage data to the memory variable each time the background is run.

Fixed occasional failures such as transfers, transactions, etc., and fixed the failure of cgas exchange

Completed the display of historical records and filter functions,

Completed the function of displaying different data when switched between MainNet and TestNet

Completed Chinese and English switching function

Submitted it to the Chrome web store.

Teemo official website

Completed the Chinese and English versions of the Teemo official website, Q&A page, installation instructions page development, and launched its website:

NEO CLI R&D participation

An improvement proposal for 1024 bytes length charges is proposed for NEO CLI, and UTXO Inputs is recommended not to be included in the length calculation.

Before the CLI adopts our recommendation, we plan to test temporary 1024 compatible algorithms (under development) in Teemo. It can not solve all the problems, but taking into account the surcharge issue of more than 2014 bytes and calculation depth, it is expected to solve most problems:

1. Original logical group transaction

2. If the transaction exceeds 1024 bytes and the input utxo is enough to pay excess gas, it will add the fee directly

3. If the input utxo is not enough, the new maximum utxo is added to the input.

4. If it is still not enough, it returns insufficient utxo

NEO node optimization enhancement


2.10.0 new add-on plug-ins are also modified and are suitable for neo-cli-nel

Warehoused the nep5 asset balance in the new plugin RpcNep5Tracker directly into mongodb.

Wrote a fast sync block data article, “Make the NEO node synch faster” to help the community better use block data for fast synchronization.


Websocket push mechanism. The latest measured new block event delay reduced from the few blocks in the past to 5–10s (90% of which is due to NEO peer-to-peer network transmission block data consumption), the next step is the research of API gateway.


1 Token Exchange Development 80% complete
2 Token Exchange Commissioning 80% complete
3 Game display page optimization 100% complete
4 Prop Exchange Design 80% complete