NEL Second Bi-weekly Report of September


NEL developer incentive program winners :

BlackTrace found a small problem at project and got 50NNC
treasureDouDou submited a small-scale code improvements at project to got 200NNC
treasureDouDou found a small problem at project and got 50NNC

NEL technology community development

NEO Open Class

On Sept. 22nd, NEL held the NEO Smart Contract Development and debugging live course both online and offline in Yangpu, Shanghai. The main content are:

1.neo smart contract basics

2.neo smart contract development environment deployment

3. Smart contract’s HelloWorld

4. how to publish and debug a contract

5. Contract verification and application

6. Practice(nep5, token lock-up, multi-sig)

Next class: Oct. 20th, “NNS System Design and Implementation”


BBS webiste: (Chinese version only)

The NEL blockchain developer forum was built using open source code and It is now open for use and we’are gradually migrating NEL’s technical learning materials to this forum.

Forum registration is free. It has supported QQ direct login and will soon support WeChat login.

We have carried out some activities to discuss technical issues and get NNC rewards. For details, please visit the forum and developers are welcome to discuss the blockchain and NEO-related technology.

Tool development

NEL-CLI Transformation Plan — Phase 1

Transform NEO CLI to import all CLI raw data (not through RPC interface) into mongodb for more efficient privatized storage query and data analysis (80% development completed)

NEO Test Tool Set — UTXO Shredder

It can be used in the tests such as the marginal UTXO numbers that leads to CGAS conversion failure and more useful tools will be added to the toolset in the future.


Bancor Research and Learning (currently in the contract writing phase. We are trying to achieve the power and square operations with four arithmetic operation in smart contracts)


1 Server was put in the background and will be used after the test.

2 Background English version support

3 Acquired standard of Joint Transaction Data with CryptoGladiator

4 Developed currency to currency transaction on wallet monitoring function development plan

5 CGAS Coordinated Refund

6 GAS to CGAS super GAS solution

7 Forum presentation optimization

8 Exchange UI design improvement

9 Account system was added in the background

10 Background bug fix

11 Token BCP and BCT were added on the wallet.

12 Token acquisition function was built

13 Game review background development

14 Routine on-line activity design

15 User level design

16 User certification Design

17 OLD GAME plan design


There are several major pain points in the current blockchain-based games:

1, the threshold is high, users can not play without spending money.

2, the performance of the public chain is low, which cannot support the communication needs of the general game.

3. The cryptocurrency users have higher requirements for earning money through the game.

4, because the blockchain does not support complex logic, user interaction is rare, which is not conducive to retention.

“CryptoGladiator” is currently undergoing a new structural design trying to solve the above problems. After the new design is verified, it will be greatly revised. It is still in the discussion and verification phase, and it will take some time to finalize the case.