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NEO Global Development Monthly Report — April

NEO Sponsor Giveback

At the end of 2017, the NEO Council decided to reward everyone who sponsored ICO1 and ICO2. It is the first project of its kind in the history of token sales as a thank you for helping this project lift off the ground and the transformation from Antshares into NEO Smart Economy. There are still many project enhancements ahead of us; however, the NEO Foundation is now self-sustained and have more than enough funds to cover the development and expansion needs. Building a compliant ready blockchain ecosystem for Smart Economy, we believe in doing the right thing. Everyone who took a risk to support this vision has now got their contributions returned in full amount.

The summary of ICO1 and ICO2 is as follow.


186 persons participated with 2100 BTC at the market price of 2183 RMB per BTC.
Total: 4 584 300 RMB


1479 persons participated with 6069.21779996 BTC at the market price of 4128 RMB per BTC.
Total: 25 053 731 RMB

ICO1 + ICO2 included in total 1665, participating with 29 638 031 RMB

The summary of the full giveback is as follow:


RMB claims (65 persons): 1 331 892 RMB
NEO claims (53 persons): 654 027 RMB


RMB claims (212 persons): 6 143 724 RMB
NEO claims (228 persons): 7 417 301 RMB

Giveback participation:

558 persons, 33.51% of total contributors.
15 546 944 RMB, 52.46% of total contributions.

Giveback processing:

2018–03–28: First batch of RMB claims (6 573 873 RMB)
2018–04–03: NEO claims (8 071 328 RMB), 26 768 NEO, 409 GAS
2018–04–12 Second batch of RMB claims (901 743 RMB)

We have now started to process ICO2 token claims for those who didn’t manage to claim their tokens within one year. If you participated in ICO2 and didn’t claim your tokens, please send an email to to receive information on how to proceed.

1st NEO Dev Competition

Hosted together with Microsoft, the 1st NEO Dev Competition ended in March. With close to 500 participants, there were around 50 projects left after the initial filtering that were worthy of a prize. These projects were judged independently across four judges with different metrics, with higher weightage on technical level and business value. The winners have already been announced, and can be found on our website for those who missed it:

Please note that all winners have open sourced Smart Contracts linked at the website above (Github link). We hope that developers across the globe can use these examples of NEO dApps to implement their own ideas. Most of the developers are active in our Discord channel and very helpful with answering questions. To connect with the NEO development community, join the NEO Discord:

Decentralization and Consensus nodes

In April, Fenbushi Capital have prepared their consensus node and is now also up and running on TestNet. Current nodes running on TestNet are NEO Foundation, CoZ, KPN, and Fenbushi Capital. We are now preparing to stress test the TestNet with all these nodes voted in as Consensus nodes to ensure stability and performance.

In parallel, we are now developing an application form for Consensus nodes. We have received many interested parties through various channels, so we are building a portal to collect all the information we need through a single source. We have also started to build a website to display nominee information. The intention with these two sites are to make it easier for NEO holders to get information about the nominees, to be able to decide which Consensus nodes to vote for. Furthermore, we are expanding the NEO-GUI with an interface to vote. Once complete, community developed wallets can use the NEO-GUI template to implement voting support in their own wallets. More information about the voting process will be released soon.


We have done significant changes to The menu structure has been changed to make it easier to find the information that visitors are looking for, including improvement of search function. There are also a number of new pages added, and English and Chinese version have been completely reviewed to ensure that they contain exactly the same information. We cannot ensure the proper information in all the other languages, so we encourage the community to review changes and make pull requests to align documentation content in other languages:

NEO Events

  • April 2nd-3rd: Malcolm Lerider keynote speaker at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM 1st National Blockchain Workshop 2018 — Ankara
  • April 4th: NEOnight with Nathan Chen and Kris Zeng — Shanghai.
  • April 11th: NEL Developer Night — Shanghai
  • April 12th: NEO Tokyo Meetup & Workshop
  • April 13th-15th: NEOxQRC Global Hackathon — Tokyo
  • April 14th: Feng Da Sun presenting at Blockchain Insurance Innovation Contest, Fudan University — Shanghai
  • April 14th -15th: Gopher China Conference — Shanghai
  • April 14th -15th: NEO Amsterdam Summit & Hackathon
  • April 17th: NEO Lisbon Meetup & Workshop
  • April 18th: NEO attended Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair
  • April 19th NEO San Francisco Meetup
  • April 20th: NEO Madrid Meetup & Workshop
  • April 20th-22nd: NEO sponsoring Startup Salad Hackathon, Feng Da Sun participated as judge
  • April 21th: Nathan Chen presenting at 2018 China Developer Relations Conference — Suzhou
  • April 22nd: NEO Paris Meetup & Workshop
  • April 24th: NEO Vienna Meetup & Workshop
  • April 26th: NEO Zurich Meetup & Workshop

NEO Development

  • NEO Trigger documentation (
  • Added support for more seed nodes
  • Added Runtime.Serialize/Deserialize Support for MAP
  • Improved SHL and SHR performance
  • Changed multiplication for Fixed8
  • Extracted hardcoded seconds per block to protocol.json file
  • Added new opcode ‘VERIFY’ to neo-vm
  • Optimized config.json for NEO-CLI and NEO-GUI
  • Implemented ‘getbalance’ support for NEP-5
  • Website development: Site for coming events, form for Consensus node application, site for nominee display

April has been a month with many events, with a large part of the team being on the road or in the air. Our European tour is coming to an end; the team has already started to regroup in Shanghai to focus fully on decentralization. Malcolm and Tamar will start off May by going to South America and help grow the development community there. Stay updated on Twitter @NEO_Blockchain and on #announcements channel in Discord:




Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

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