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NEO Global Development Monthly Report — September, 2018


NEO-CLI 2.9.0 and Akka framework


NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program

NEO Creative Design Competition

NGD Team Expansion

Development Progress

Core updates

General updates


Social media updates

  • Twitter: 315,708
  • Facebook: 30,080
  • Reddit: 96,883
  • Discord: 21,991
  • Medium: 1,881
  • Youtube: 3,188
  • Wechat Official Page: 16,808
  • Weibo: 8,289


  • Added Dutch channel in Discord
  • Added upcoming events to monthly report



  • September 8th: NEO Blockchain Open Course (3rd session): NEO Blockchain Development Workshop in Shanghai, China (Link)
  • September 22nd: NEO Blockchain Open Course (4th session): Development and Commissioning of NEO Smart Contracts in Shanghai, China (Link)
  • September 30th: “Hands-on-Coding” co-organized by NGD and Keymakers (Japan-based NEO community) in Tokyo, Japan


  • September 22nd-23rd: NEO Blockchain Challenge in Chengdu, China
  • September 28th-30th: NEO Black Sea Hackathon in Tbilisi, Georgia


  • September 3rd: Malcolm Lerider delivered a keynote speech titled “The Danger of Extreme Decentralization” at the ASEAN Decentralized 2.0 Summit held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • September 5th: NeoResearch gave a presentation titled “From the basics to the latest advances in the NEO Blockchain: High performance agreements” at the Uruguay Blockchain Summit in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • September 14th: Da Hongfei delivered a keynote speech titled “Blockchain & Smart Economy” at the Upbit Developers Conference in Jeju-do, South Korea.
  • September 18th: Johnson Zhao participated in a panel discussion titled “How does the global emerging market have positive impacts on future development of blockchain industry?” at the “11-ELEVEN” Global Meetup in Singapore.
  • September 20th: Da Hongfei attended Consensus: Singapore and participated in a panel discussion titled “Ethereum meets NEO” in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. (Link)


  • September 3rd: NeoResearch held a NEO community meetup with the support of NGD in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • September 5th: The NEOMY community held a NEO meetup with the support of NGD in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The event was attended by Malcolm Lerider who shared his insights.
  • September 19th: The NEO Singapore community held a NEO meetup with the support of NGD in Singapore. Da Hongfei, Johnson Zhao (NGD general manager), and Piyush Chaplot (partner at NGC) shared their views on NEO ecosystem growth.


  • September 12th: NGD launched the NEO Creative Design Competition, and opened the submission channel for designs that reflect the theme of NEO’s “Smart Economy.” Entries will be accepted through October 14th. Learn more about the competition at

General Progress

Interviews and Livestreams

  • September 3rd: Erik Zhang addressed topics of community concerns in an interview with Interchain Pulse, reaffirming that NEO and Ontology are two independent teams, and there has been no transfer of technical personnel between the two projects. (Link)
  • September 19th: Da Hongfei was interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine NL. Topics of discussion included the development of NEO 3.0, centralization of NEO as a strategy, game development on NEO, and Chinese regulatory approaches. (Link)
  • September 26th: Da Hongfei participated in a livestream talk on “Beauty and the IT Beast,” a Microsoft open course program. (Link)

External Relations

  • NEO was added to Blockfolio’s Signals notifications.

New team members(9)

  • Mengyu Liu — NEO software developer
  • Xinyi (Nicole) Lu — NEO quality assurance engineer
  • Shuyun (Jessica) Zhang — NEO senior quality assurance engineer
  • Yuyang (Sue) Su — NEO quality assurance engineer
  • Denis Suslov — Associate manager in NEO Ecosystem Growth department
  • Ping (Sarah) Song — Associate manager in NEO Ecosystem Growth department
  • Qiao Jin — NEO software developer
  • Chuan Lu — NEO senior software developer
  • Longfei Wang — NEO software developer


  • Overseas based NGD Ecosystem Growth members Lili Zhao (Switzerland), Mik Hayama (Japan), and Evan Hong (Korea) visited Shanghai for an ecosystem growth strategy session.

Upcoming Events



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