Neo Global Development (NGD) Welcomes Hacash.Diamonds to the EcoBoost Program

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3 min readMay 16, 2022


Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted Hacash.Diamonds, a platform that provides professional collecting and trading services for a specialized type of NFT, as the first project to join the EcoBoost program in 2022. Within this program, Hacash.Diamonds will receive a range of support including grants and business incubation opportunities to promote the growth of a novel newer category of NFTs known as Proof of Work (PoW) NFTs.

About the EcoBoost program

Following successful completion of the Neo Early Adoption program last year, the NGD Eco Support organization will focus on fostering Neo ecosystem growth in 2022 through the larger-scale EcoBoost program. The EcoBoost program has allocated US $200 million to build a strong network of partners who can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle.

About Hacash.Diamonds

Hacash.Diamonds is a platform that provides professional collecting and trading services for a type of NFT known as HACD, or Hacash Diamonds HACDs are NFTs on the Hacash blockchain. The Hacash.Diamonds platform was founded in September 2021. The platform is committed to spreading the energy generative art represented by HACD and promoting HACD to become a mainstream store of value. Hacash.Diamonds team members are serial entrepreneurs who are experienced veterans of the American and Chinese blockchain worlds. Hacash.Diamonds has launched numerous products and services to date, such as a HACD browser, scarcity tools, decentralized exchanges, OTC guarantee services, NFT platform guarantee services, and NFT art exhibition services.

Hacash.Diamonds and Neo

As an NFT designed to store value, the PoW NFT is a relevantly new innovation that the blockchain industry has just begun to explore. By joining the Neo EcoBoost program, Hacash.Diamonds will pioneer a PoW NFT track on the Neo N3 blockchain, opening new possibilities to NEO and HACD holders alike.

The Hacash.Diamonds team and the HACD community collectors have collaborated to launch a DAO called the 1H1B DAO. The DAO’s self-stated purpose is to push the floor price of HACD beyond that of Bitcoin. The DAO’s long-term plan is for the Hacash.Diamonds team to mint a 1H1B NFT that will be first minted on the Neo blockchain. With this efficient and mainstream-compliant approach, the 1H1B NFT will enable HACD to enter the Neo ecosystem. The 1H1B NFT will be an unreserved NFT that is fully transparent, membership-based, and multi-chain. Minting the 1H1B NFT on the Neo N3 blockchain will drive more on-chain activity to both the Neo and the HACD ecosystems.

The 1H1B DAO will focus on incenting Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote the 1H1B NFT. The intended approach will be to incent KOLs and their followers. As well as HACD collectors, to donate their HACD NFTs in order to mint 1H1B NFTs, resulting in a value transfer.

“The 1H1B DAO will be the first project in the Neo ecosystem to focus on Proof of Work (PoW) NFTs,” said John Wang, Director of Ecosystem Growth at NGD. “We at Neo expect this partnership to provide HACD holders a chance to get acquainted with Neo and our premium Neoverse series NFTs as well.”

Ken You, Founder of Hacash.Diamonds, likewise welcomes the new partnership. “I believe that with the cooperation with Neo, we can power the whole PoW NFT market and also help more people understand the value of HACD,” said You. “I also believe that HACD and the 1H1B DAO will play a very important role in the development of Neo’s NFT ecosystem.”

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