NEO in Latin America — BSL Colombia

On the last 17–18th of October the Colombian edition of the Blockchain Summit Latin America took place at the Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa, in Bogotá. It was the fourth expressive event that NEO directly participated in the continent. In addition, is relevant to highlight the potential of blockchain technology in guaranteeing strong and transparent institutions in Latam and driving innovation-led growth.

The NEO team was represented by members of its diverse communities, what clear manifests its geographic decentralization. Among those the NEO Global Development, City of Zion and the recently launched AmazoNeo. The latter was originated by members of NeoResearch that intended to concentrate on the structuring and consolidation of NEO Smart Economy in Latam. Even though in the very beginning, the community fosters social impact through the collaboration between devs and non-devs, by fomenting partnerships with innovation hubs, industry, government and academy.

Alexandre Barbosa (AmazoNeo), Tamar Salant (NGD), Belane (CoZ) and Shargon (CoZ)

The first day was more oriented to the development of the technology and it counted with the main blockchain actors from Latin America. During the morning, Fernando Díaz participated in panel called Decentralized Applications, what are and what benefits do they bring? He highlighted that there are several blockchains and not necessarily one is better than the other. He also argued that cross-interoperability and user friendliness are fundamental issues for the maturity of the technology. Jaime Kindelan was on charge of the closing section of the day. He demonstrated how to develop a dApp in NEO by presenting the awesome-neo, neo-privatenet-docker and the smartvote projects. Moreover, right after a hackathon took place and the two CoZ members supported and encouraged developers all night long.

The second day was more focused on institutional aspects of blockchain technology. Therefore the public was mainly composed by representatives of the industry, start ups and the public sector. Tamar Salant illustrated the diagnostic and prognostic of NEO to the Latin American audience precedeed by a video message from Da Hongfei. She manifested two of the current principal directions wich are security tokens and gamming. By the way, I enjoyed the opportunity to present to the Latam community the intentions of AmazoNeo.

Tamar Salant showing the message of Da Hongfei to the Latin American blockchain community

The event was definitely another very important step for the technology adoption in the continent by merging diverse stakeholders. The next edition is supposed to take place in Brazil in April, 2019. Again, the NEO Smart Economy will be fairly represented. In the meantime, AmazoNeo will manage to bridge the blockchain ecosystem development in Latam with the NEO community.

Stay tunned in AmazoNeo’s twitter for news in Spanish and Portuguese. Ah! If you come from Latin America, do not hesitate to join us.