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Neo is Live at Consensus 2022!

We’re thrilled to be live at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas as a 3 Block Sponsor! There’s no better place to share everything that Neo, our developer communities, and the Neo ecosystem projects have accomplished since we launched Neo N3. To be part of the excitement, you can find us at the Neo booth, attend Neo’s live session on stage, or follow @Neo_Blockchain on Twitter for #Neoatconsensus2022 updates.

Catch us on stage

Join our live session, “Web 3 and N3: The New Design Patterns,” where industry leaders John deVadoss (President of NGD Enterprise) and Erhan Korhaliller (Founder of EAK Digital) will discuss the growth of the Neo ecosystem and N3, the evolution of DAOs and more on Saturday, June 11 from 1130–11:50 am CDT at the Austin Convention Center, Explorations Stage 2. You can also view the session afterward on demand.

Visit us at the Neo booth

Drop by the Neo booth to see how Neo is new again with Neo N3, from our all-new architecture and revamped governance system and improved economic model, to our vibrant, growing ecosystem of projects on Neo N3. We have so much going on. Visit us to:

  • See Neo N3 and ecosystem projects in action, with demos of Neo N3 and prize-sponsoring ecosystem project members.
  • Talk with Neo business development experts about finding a home for your own project on the Neo N3 blockchain.
  • Learn what’s new with Neo and across the Neo N3 community, from the latest with the community-led GrantShares funding DAO, to the newest ecosystem project milestones, and more.
  • Play to win: Try our “treasure chest” game, a competition to win great prizes. As you play, you’ll be among the first to try a COZ-driven new creation on the Neo blockchain that uses PROPS to interact with real objects. Everyone who plays wins a prize, and some lucky players will win a Gold Puppet that unlocks the next level of the competition. At the highest level, your Gold Puppet may unlock our treasure chest. You could win exclusive Neo swag or unlock a chance to win one of the developer community sponsored Grand Prizes worth 400 GAS tokens each.

Thanks to our treasure chest prize sponsors

Our developer communities and ecosystem project teams aren’t just the best in the blockchain community — they’re generous too! Here’s a special shout-out to the ecosystem project teams and developer communities among the Neo Council members who contributed to make our interactive treasure chest competition fun and rewarding. You can learn more about their projects at our booth.

Thanks to Neo ecosystem projects who donated digital assets for the prize pool, including Neo GAS tokens and Neo ecosystem project-specific tokens and NFTs: Blockchain Cuties, Dogerift, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, HACD, Humswap, IlexNFT, Lyrebird Finance, O3Labs, PROPS, Rentfuse, Supernova, Switcheo, Mega Oasis, and TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE. Neo’s own Neoverse NFTs are also in the prize mix.

Seven of our Neo Council developer community members sponsored Grand Prizes of 400 GAS tokens each. Each prize also comes with a commemorative brass coin from its developer community sponsor. Thank you all!:

See you at Consensus 2022!

Whether you join our session or find us at the Expo Show Hall in person, or follow us online, we can’t wait to share the experience of Consensus 2022 with you. Stay tuned! Learn more

Neo official website:

Follow Neo on Twitter: @Neo_Blockchain

Join the Neo community: Discord/Telegram



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