Neo launched blockchain course in St Petersburg State University

Neo has launched a new course titled “Software Development Using Neo Blockchain Technology” in the St Petersburg State University in St Petersburg, Russia.

The course aims to provide insights into distributed ledger in general and Neo technology in particular, and help students building skills in developing with core components of Neo technology.

Following topics will be covered in this course:

  • What blockchains are and how they differ
  • Introduction to consensus algorithms
  • Environment deployment, development and testing tools
  • Storing data on distributed ledgers in practice
  • Understanding the Neo Blockchain
  • Creating a Neo private network
  • How Neo smart contracts are structured
  • Introduction to Neonjs and how Neo wallets work
  • Neo smart contracts — basic architecture, how and why to use them
  • Neo Dapp framework, demonstration of a Dapp built on a private Neo network
  • How to deploy Dapps on the Neo TestNet and MainNet
  • How Dapps on Neo differ from other blockchains

By attending the course, students will be equipped with basic blockchain concepts and important components of the Neo blockchain: wallets, smart contracts and Dapps. Students will also get their hands on the Neo private net, choose the smart contract construction method that is most suitable for the implementation of a particular project, design various wallets and basic Dapps based on the Neo blockchain.

Saint Petersburg State University was established in 1724 and has a long history of science and technology education (including 8 Nobel laureates), and is especially well-regarded in Russia and overseas for its computer science programs. SPBU’s computer science students have a strong performance record at world programming Olympiads, such as the ICPC competition. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, is one of its notable graduates.

Official Twitter Feed: @Neo_Blockchain

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