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NEO Monthly Report — August 2019

Major Highlights

  • NEO held its inaugural NEO Community Assembly, inviting representatives from NEO development communities to join discussions and collaborations in Shanghai, 2–6 Sep.
  • NEO debuted NEO•ONE, NeoFS, and the NEO Blockchain Toolkit during the press conference of its inaugural NEO Community Assembly. More information
  • NEO and Swisscom Blockchain, a subsidiary of Swisscom, the largest telecoms provider in Switzerland, jointly launched Seraph ID, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework built on the NEO blockchain. More information
  • NEO and gumi Cryptos Inc. strike a Strategic Partnership Agreement to promote the Japanese blockchain industry. More information
  • NEO joined .NET foundation as the first and only blockchain project member.
  • NEO joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation to advance its vision of an open and decentralized system of identities, organizations, and dApps.

NEO Development



  • Completed cross-chain protocol design.
  • Completed NEO3 development guide.
  • 520 New Unit Tests for NEO3 added.
  • NEO3 Preview 1 functional and integration testing, 80% completed.
  • Implementing native voting contract for NEO3, 80% completed.
  • Discussed NEO3 built-in oracle solution design.
  • Studied potential cryptography improvements for NEO3, such as zk-SNARK and an aggregate signature scheme.
  • C# SDK development for NEO3, 60% completed.
  • Assisted the developer community developing JS SDK for NEO3, 20% completed.

Tests and bug fixes

Some important issues were tested and fixed, including an important vulnerability fix for NEO3 VM. The team has started working to support RocksDB in NEO3, allowing us to avoid known issues in LevelDB, including an incompatibility with MacOS users.

Private network

The team has already setup and tested NEO3 using a private development network, and will be moving towards releasing a test network. To make it easier for new developers to experiment with NEO3, this release will also be published using Docker.

Features and Updates



  • Released neo-cli 2.10.3 and upgraded MainNet and TestNet accordingly.

Bug fixes

Several fixes were made and applied to Neo 2 during this month, including a critical fix that was causing consensus nodes to produce empty blocks.

Community Contribution and Developer’s Experience

NEO Saint Petersburg Competence Centre

  • TestNet Consensus Node maintenance.
  • NeoFS Development:

Signing and requests verification by signatures and session keys.

New Object storage procedures with new API commands have been implemented.

Replication and migration procedures have been completed.

Payment and reward model, internal banking and accounting, deposit and withdraw operations have been implemented.

NeoFS dBFT consensus have been improved for payment operations.

Prepared Proof-of-concept release to start alpha testing.

  • NeoFS introduction videos:

NeoFS Introduction — Episode 1: System Overview

NeoFS Introduction — Episode 2: Payments

NeoFS Introduction — Episode 3: Placement, Migration, and Replication

NeoFS Introduction — Episode 4: Data Audit

  • NEO Node Deployment Automation.
  • NEO-Go:

Updates and Fixes.

Reviewed project state, updated documentation, defined versioning.

Merged all outstanding PRs, closed obsolete issues, merged compiler improvements from the neo-storm project.

  • Attended Chaos Constructions 2019 from 24 to 25th Aug, Saint Petersburg, Russia as the Gold sponsor:

Presentation and speech about NEO blockchain and Neo SPCC Ecosystem’s projects at the main stage, promo stand about NEO blockchain and NeoFS.

Two workshops about NEO Smart Contracts.


  • Completed neo-python audit bringing neo-python into parity with neo-cli 2.10.2, including:
  • Fees (sys_fee, net_fee, gas consumption)
  • VM execution (VMstate, storage changes, VM return stack)
  • Integrating neo-python-core back into the neo-python main project.
  • Move from using Twisted to asyncio as event driven framework.
  • Add completely new networking code that is fault tolerant.
  • Performed a massive audit of both Mainnet and Testnet to ensure that for all blocks the following items are in line with neo-cli 2.10.2 (which was the latest version up until this weekend).
  • In summary, we’ve validated that neo-python produces identical chain state compared to neo-cli up to date.


  • Developed of a portable C++ library for NEO cryptography. More details here
  • Studied on efficient RPC communication and serialization protocols, including protobuf and gRPC.
  • Implementation advancement of libbft (BFT library collection).


  • Version 2.2.0 released with new features and bug fixes.
  • Added support to deploy smart contracts.
  • Added possibility to withdraw assets from a smart contract to another address.


  • officially launched.
  • 2019 NEO Eco New Page — “50 Plan” Special Event successfully held in Hangzhou, China.


  • Neoray2.0 near completion, will launch in mid-September.
  • Teemo Developer Version, adding interfaces for contract deployment and transaction signing, to integrate with Neoray2.0.
  • Completed explanatory document for blockchain browser NELscan, including documentation for frontend, crawler, analysis engineering, and API service.
  • Completed MainNet data analysis for blockchain browser NELscan contract information inquiry. All transactions, transaction volumes, and number of addresses are available.


  • Announced upcoming release of NEO-ONE 2.0 with MainNet ready TypeScript contracts and updated documentation.
  • Integrated with CodeSandbox to allow in-browser app development and facilitate the sharing of code snippets.

NGD Seattle

  • NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET — launch in September with Early Access Preview release.
  • Key components development-
  • NEON Smart Contract Compiler
  • NEO Smart Contract Debugger
  • NEO Express
  • Smart Contract Templates in .NET languages
  • NEO-FX Library
  • NEO Visual DevTracker
  • NEO Blockchain has been officially invited to be part of the .NET Foundation.

NEO Marketing

Another action-packed month for NEO’s marketing. Besides preparing for our first ever NEO Community Assembly, we produced weekly online campaigns for LOVE NEO and bilingual NEO Live sessions. We have also expanded NEO’s presence globally to a meetup event in Berlin, Bloconomics Expo in Kuala Lumpur, as well as NEO JOY in Shenzhen. We are also busy revamping NEO’s website, which will bring a whole new branding and user experience in celebration of NEO’s 3rd anniversary.

Online Activities

LOVE NEO (Video Interview): CardMaker, NEONEXT, John from NGD Seattle, Switcheo

NEO Live (Telegram): Switcheo, Cobo, Zelcore, Blockchain Cuties, Novem Gold

NEO Live (WeChat):, Blockchain Cuties, Magic Cube, NEO Community Assembly Recap

Offline Events

  • NEO JOY 2019 went to Shenzhen with projects within the NEO ecosystem, including FutureDAO, SEA, Alchemint, CryptoFast, and, to discuss on the application and value of De-Fi.
  • Da Hongfei, founder of NEO gave a VIP keynote speech at Bloconomics Expo 2019 about NEO and NEO3 development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 15th-16th.
  • NEO hosted the “NEO Powers Up Berlin” community meetup on 21st August, to discuss NEO’s history, current status, and updates on NEO3. At the event, NEO founder, Da Hongfei, director of ecosystem growth, John Wang, and blockchain engineer, Longfei Wang, gave presentations to the crowd.
  • Nikkor, NEO EG manager, attended Hangzhou Blockchain Summit on August 23rd, and gave a speech titled “Building a flourishing NEO Ecosystem”.

NEO official website redesign — 40% completed.

NEO Ecosystem

Project Collaborations

  • Dappbirds launched NEO dApp store, plans to release multiple games based on NEO.
  • Magnum Wallet supports NEO.
  • Hoo wallet supports NEO/GAS.
  • Infinito will launch NEO dApp store soon.
  • NEO stores and on-chain data monitoring are now available on following dApp platforms:, stateofdapps, and Beestore.

New Projects

  • Idle card game “MyCryptoHeroes” completed closed beta testing on NEO, will start internal beta testing soon.
  • NEO-based “Nature Town” is launched on game “CardMaker”.
  • Pre-sales started for “Blockchain Cuties” on NEO, gameplay testing starts soon.


New Exchanges

  • Coinex listing NEO/GAS
  • CoinBig listing NEO



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