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Neo Smart Economy

Neo Partners with Blockchain-based Services Network to Drive Mainstream Adoption

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Underscoring Neo’s commitment to serving as the most developer friendly blockchain, BSN will integrate Neo’s nodes on its portal, thus enabling developers to quickly and easily choose and access the blockchain network of their choice.
  • Optimized Cost-efficiency: Priced significantly lower than major Cloud services, BSN makes it easier than ever for developers and enterprises to develop blockchain applications within the Neo ecosystem.
  • Rapid Deployment: By integrating Neo’s MainNet and TestNet with select city nodes, developers will be able to rapidly deploy high-performance solutions and applications.

BSN will support Neo from three technical aspects:

  • Neo Node Deployment: Deploying Neo MainNet and TestNet node clusters on selected city nodes to achieve rapid automatic deployment and horizontal expansion of node services on demand, thus providing developers with a high-performance and high-availability Neo node service environment.
  • City Node Gateway: Providing dApp front-end systems with access to nodes on Neo, and integrating Neo SDK in gateway SDKs to provide developers with convenient blockchain transaction encapsulation.
  • Neo Middleware Service Integration: Integrating Neo middleware service components between dApps and Neo node services on BSN city nodes, and providing middleware service interfaces through gateways to improve the development efficiency of blockchain applications.



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