Neo Partners with Fansland to Spearhead Web3 Mass Adoption in the Entertainment Industry

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4 min readApr 30, 2024

Neo has partnered with Fansland, a fan economy platform powered by Web3 and AI, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the entertainment industry. The partnership will be unveiled with a Web3 music festival in Bangkok, Thailand, featuring renowned artists and partners from both the Web2 and Web3 industries. In the future, the partnership will explore minting tickets on the Neo blockchain as NFTs.

Music Festival Pioneers NFT Ticketing: Spreading the Concept of Web3

Neo and Fansland will join forces to combine their technology and marketing resources to tap into the burgeoning Web3 market in Asia, aiming to engage the younger generation, who are poised to be the driving force of this industry. In pursuit of this goal, Fansland has launched a novel music festival, featuring renowned artists such as PSY (creator of Gangnam Style), Edison Chen, Henry Lau, Gen1es, Dice, BUS, Dreamnote, Pretzelle, Sistar19, Taemin, 24kGoldn, and more, aiming to attract over forty-thousand music lovers from around the world. Other partners of the music festival include Binance Chain, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, and more.

All tickets for the festival will be minted online as NFTs. These NFTs will grant exclusive on-chain rights to the holders and will be tradable on the secondary market.

As a grand finale to the two-day event, Neo and Fansland will co-host an exclusive afterparty for Web3 KOLs, Music Festival VVIPs, and celebrities. This event will provide a platform for networking and discussing the future of Web3.

Kickstarting Mass Adoption in Asia’s Web3 Hub

Neo has always recognized the importance and potential of Asia’s influence in the Web3 industry. Through aligning with industry leaders and co-hosting events, Neo has been working to increase brand awareness and build Neo’s ecosystem in the region. Thailand, as one of the major Web3 hubs in Southeast Asia, with its favorable regulatory framework and infrastructure readiness, is an ideal place for mass adoption of Neo blockchain. The collaboration with the Fansland music festival is an ideal kickstart.

By forging a decentralized fan economy infrastructure, Fansland is redefining the traditional roles of fans and broadening the horizons of engagement and entertainment. This pioneering ecosystem empowers fans to transition from passive spectator to active co-creator and collaborator with their favorite idols. Together, they are spearheading a new epoch in the fan-driven economy, marked by increased interaction and shared successes.

The two parties have confirmed plans for the future to cooperate on a digital ticketing system, offering exclusive holder rights. This system will utilize NFT minting on Neo X and Neo N3 blockchains, boasting low transaction fees, high throughput, and ensuring security and fairness for both minters and traders.

John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth and Managing Director of Neo EcoFund, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, saying, “Neo is one of the longstanding public blockchains. We recognize the importance of responding to the younger generation as users of Neo. We believe that collaborating with Fansland can easily attract the younger generation with Web3’s innovative models. A music festival in Bangkok aligns perfectly with our strategic development plans in Asia. We can’t wait to see this collaboration bear fruit.”

The founder of Fansland is thrilled to collaborate with Neo, saying “Fansland will connect WEB3 + AI with billions of fans. We want to create a fan-driven era for global fans with Neo. We look forward to sparking even more excitement and innovation with Neo at this exclusive party.”

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About Fansland

Fansland aims to create the world’s first and largest fan ecosystem driven by WEB3+AI.

We will bring billions of fans to our Web3 fan economy ecosystem through various initiatives, including the world’s first Web3 Music Festival, NFT Ticketing, and AI Virtual Idol Cultivation.




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