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Neo Smart Economy

Polaris Launchpad Project Ideas

Project ideas

  • Decentralized exchanges
    Exchange platforms that support the swapping of NEP-17 tokens. Ideally, no listing process would be needed. Protocols that can read smart contracts deployed on-chain and support swaps with tokens in a liquidity pool are encouraged.
  • Lending protocols
    Lending protocols that can support mainstream assets on Neo. Basic functionality such as depositing and lending, and offering simple or compound interest calculation and distribution is desirable.
  • Onchain Information Aggregators
    Platforms that are able to collect various on-chain data and present it to users in a meaningful and organized manner. Special interest in DeFi aggregators and applications that allow users to manage their tokens.
  • Metaverse
    Metaverse related, open-world games. Projects that provide infrastructure and focus on a user-generated content approach are encouraged.
  • IDO/IGO Platforms
    Token distribution platforms that utilize a variety of listing mechanisms, such as auctions, fixed price, mystery boxes, etc. Ideally would support both fungible and non-fungible token types.
  • NFTs
    New and interesting NFT use cases. Novel use of NFT technology in such areas as LP asset proofs, NFT lending, whitelisting, gaming, etc. (Example: Create a Javascript-based, 3D NFT gallery to enable artists and collectors to showcase and utilize their NFTs in immersive settings.)
  • Middleware components and applications using NeoFS and Oracle
    A decentralized, secure, and stable price feed service built on top of Neo’s Oracle system is desired. Comprehensive applications based on NeoFS or infrastructures that boost the utility of the NeoFS service are also encouraged.
  • Other
    Any other projects bridging/interfacing the physical world with the digital world.



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