Polaris Participants Demo Week Is Happening Now

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Are you ready for the Polaris Launchpad projects demo week? It’s starting today from May 23rd to June 2nd, 2022. 22 projects that have been considerably selected and rated by NGD (Neo Global Development) will present their works to our community on Neo’s official Youtube channel.

This article will walk you through the demo week schedule and basic introduction of each project for this week: May 23rd to May 26th.

Date: May 23, 22:00 (Shanghai Time)

On May 23 at 22:00, three teams will showcase their projects. The teams are Neo-Effisend, SUPERSON Solution, and SOMNIUMWAVE.

Neo-Effisend is a Neo-based mobile dApp and wallet that improves cash-out processes and integrates it with Rapyd (the biggest payment processor globally) to improve financial inclusion in Mexico and Latin America.

SUPERSON Solution is a Defi solution that creates a bridge between Defi and Cefi. It is a complex strategy that will lead to the creation of mirror assets.

SOMNIUMWAVE is an open-world 3D blockchain game designed to reward users for holding NFTs and competing in matchmaking. Players may buy and sell lands, vehicles, and weapons using the NEP-17 token $SOM.

Date: May 24, 22:00 (Shanghai Time)

On May 24 at 22:00, three teams will showcase their projects. The teams are Feedio, Findtruman, and Planet X.

Feedio aims to provide a decentralized, reliable price feed platform that can combine reliable aggregator data in a sustainable manner from multiple sources.

Findtruman is a crowd-sourced, whodunit-style game, where players search for clues in a 3D hotel environment to find Truman, the mysterious killer. Players can vote on the plot’s direction by using FindTruman Genesis NFTs.

Planet X is an Esports Crypto betting platform that is built on the Neo Blockchain.

Date: May 25, 22:00 (Shanghai Time)

On May 25 at 22:00, three teams will showcase their projects. The teams are DogeRift, Pumpkin Swap, and NeoDashboard.

DogeRfit is a GameFi built on Neo. Players use their NFTs as playable characters to earn tokens which can be used in-game to improve your gameplay or trade them for profit. Players use their NEO wallets as game accounts to log in the game and NFTs as playable characters and items.

Pumpkin Swap is a decentralized crypto trading protocol that has swap, staking, and liquidy pool features.

NeoDashboard is a website providing some data about the Neo ecosystem. A Twitter bot is also deployed to allow people to discover events and news about Neo.

Date: May 26, 22:00 (Shanghai Time)

On May 25 at 22:00, four teams will showcase their projects. The teams are DAO Cake, Neodao, Bowerbird, and LatchBox.

DAO Cake solves conflict and distrust of profit distribution in a dApp where members' claims are posted, voted, and approved in a simple, fun way. When it comes to the Token Generation Event (TGE) equity is split fairly. The ‘Cake’ (share split) is always visible at any time so everyone knows exactly where they and each other stand.

Neodao consists of a smart contract and a client-side Javascript library that allows a developer with only typical website development skills to create robust DAOs on the Neo N3 blockchain.

Bowerbird is a trustless, frictionless DeFi lending protocol built on Neo N3, collateralizing bNEO and lending USDL.

LatchBox is a fully decentralized token lock and vesting platform on Neo N3 Blockchain. LatchBox aims to protect every cryptocurrency community from rug pulls and traitorous advisors.

Join us to see the project teams present their works and take it as a reference for voting for your favorite project later in the Polaris Plus Phase.

Youtube Live link here: https://www.youtube.com/c/NeoSmartEconomy

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